And the Winner Is…

Day 24

For today I thought I would look at some winners. Although to me all quilts are winners, these ten have taken ribbons from Honorable Mention to Best of Show. All of these quilts were seen at Quilt Odyssey which is held in Lancaster, PA.

This particular quilt wan First Place. I just cant even imagine designing something like this.

This quilt, as you can see, won Best of Show in 2017. I can see why.

So many quilts today are machine stitched and machine quilted. However, exceptional handwork is still appreciated.

People can also do amazing things with their machines.

This poor quilt only won an honorable mention. Hey, I would take it.

Another poor Honorable Mention quilt. Kathy is a fan of Hawaiian quilts. Although not a typical Hawaiian patter, this quit follows the style.

I really liked the use of color in this second place winner.

All of those points on this third place winner blew my mind.

Animal quilts don’t typically win awards, but this elephant got a second place ribbon.

Since there was a Best of Show neat the beginning of this post I thought I would end with another Best of show from a different year.

I think I have one more quilt posting to share with you on another day. We’ll see.


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19 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. jumpofffindwings

    I still love the gray elephant from yesterday and the “Stationary Machine Workmanship” winner —like you, I consider them ALL winners! It’s funny how, when someone (like me) knows nothing/very little about quilting and how it’s judged, the gut level reaction is first, that feeling (sort of like poetry).

    • When I go to a quilt show even those that did not win recognition are winners to me. The time and skill quilters put into these works of art astounds me.

  2. I find it so interesting to study quilts now that I have made 2, helped wirh 2 others and about 50 table runners. So many skills . . . But it all begins with a vision!

  3. The quilts are gorgeous. I’m trying to pick a favorite but can’t.

  4. Terje

    I am impressed just seeing the photos. I can imagine how the awe would amplify if I saw them in real life.

  5. Wow! So much exquisite work here. I’m so in love with the top two quilts.

  6. britt

    Eekk I love these! How beautiful!

  7. This is an amazing array of hand-crafted quilts. They are so intricate that I can’t imagine how patient a quilter must be. Thanks for sharing the creativity of the winners and the honorable mentions, Bob.

  8. I love the abc quilt and the frame one, but the best in show has amazing colours so I can see how it was a winner. Any idea how long these quilts took? Do they put the hours on the name tag?
    Thanks again for a special peek into a special exhibition.

  9. Such absolutely beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I can’t imagine being a judge for this. The creativity, the craftsmanship… I wouldn’t be able to choose. Such gorgeous quilts.

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