A Short Post

Day 20

Today’s post is short because:

We are getting our second Covid vaccine shot today.

It is a two hour drive to where we are getting the shot.

We also have a two hour drive home.

We will be spending a total of four hours on the road today.

We are leaving shortly because we definitely need to stop for lunch halfway to our destination.

Since one of Kathy’s favorite fabric stores is on the way to where we’re headed we will need to stop (besides, it’s a good potty stop).

After our shot we will need to get some dinner before we go home.

I will be too tired to write anything when we get home.

When we get home I need to devote the time before bedtime to commenting.

Today’s post is short because I really have nothing to say today.


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18 responses to “A Short Post

  1. Good luck! Be sure to take some Tylenol and plan on being really tired tomorrow.

  2. Good luck in your travels today! Be sure to get lots of rest tomorrow!

  3. I wish a response for you like mine. First shot was without any ill effects. Second shot was just a sore arm and a feeling of being cold for the rest of the day. If you’re like me, just getting out of the house is an adventure.

    • First shot – arm was sore for a day. I will see how I feel tomorrow. Yes, getting out of the house is an adventure. To get our shots we even had to get out of county. Talk about an adventure!

  4. Terje

    Congratulations on the second shot. Now you definitely have to make the cake. If you are tired and have side effects of the shot today, take some rest, and then the cake can wait until you feel better, but a cake you need.

  5. dianeandlynne

    Actually, you said a lot! So glad you’re getting vaccinated. It’s a relief to have it done, I know. We had only minimal side effects; wishing the same for you.

  6. Congrats!! I got my second shot today too! Rest, relax. See you tomorrow!

    • Same to you. I think I will write tomorrow’s post tonight just in case I am too tired tomorrow. Should be OK enough to just hit the publish tab.

  7. Hooray! Glad you are fully vaccinated. Hope you’re feeling ok. I didn’t feel great Day 2 but was fine by Day 3, but my mom felt sick for several days. It’s interesting to me how it affects everyone so differently!

  8. Bob, I hope your second shot left you without any residual effects. Within the lines of your slice, you had quite a bit to write about.

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