Halfway There

Day 16

Well, we made it halfway through the March Challenge. Let’s hear it for all of us.

Just as Wednesday is considered the hump day of the week I like to think of March 16 as the hump day of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. We have written, posted, and commented for 15 days. We have 15 more days of writing, posting, and commenting ahead of us. Today we sit right in the middle.

At the beginning of March, some of us, and by that I mean me, often wonder if we will make it through the month. Coming up with 31 different ideas can be pretty daunting if you don’t have a plan. Now, I only need 15 posts. That seems doable.

During those first 15 days excitement grows. We reconnect with old friends who take part in this challenge every year. We meet new friends who are doing this challenge for the first time. During the last 15 days bonds grow stronger through our writing and commenting. Inspiration from others gives us the push to try new formats of writing.

The first 15 days sometimes seem to go by slowly as we at times seem to push ourselves to write to get something in during the time frame of 24 hours. During the last 15 days we are in the habit of writing and feel a sense of loss if we don’t do a daily post.

So, as we start the downside of this writing journey let’s give ourselves a great big pat on the back. We deserve it. See you all at the finish line on March 31.


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22 responses to “Halfway There

  1. Kristi Lonheim

    I totally agree! Thirty one is a big commitment. Down the back side feels like it is doable. We’ve got this!

  2. This was the encouraging post I needed as we sit halfway through the week and halfway through the challenge!

  3. The days keep flying by and I so thoroughly enjoy this community. I have developed my little writing routine, I enjoy reading others’ posts and I really appreciate that you have been my constant throughout this process. You were one of the first to welcome me into the community! Cheers to having met the halfway point!

  4. jumpofffindwings

    I absolutely agree and had the same thought this morning—though I lacked your ability to capture it. There is truth to that “hump-day” phenomenon. I, too, am loving discovering new blogs as well as returning to my “familiars.” (I confess a certain disloyalty if I don’t make it to everyone!)

  5. Terje

    I didn’t realise until I read your post that we are half way done. Looking at big projects in small chunks makes them doable. I’ll make the next 15 into 5 and 5 and 5. Five days of writing is doable. And you are so right, we should pat ourselves on the back and celebrate. If you were to make a cake to celebrate the middle, what would it be? And if you make a cake you would have a slice to eat and a slice to write.

  6. Thanks for this post, Bob. Today I was not drawn to my laptop to write. I realized it was the halfway mark. I do plan to continue, and 15 more posts are doable. The thing is, will I continue to post four times each week? That is my goal, and I hope I can do it. It does feel like “hump day” today. I am glad to reconnect and read many different blog posts.

  7. Yes, it has been great fun, writing and reading 🙂

  8. The “hump day” analogy is perfect. Making it to the apex of this writing hill is the crux of the trek. Here is where looking at the downside is a positive.

  9. I can’t believe it’s already the 16th! I feel like I just wrote my first slice!

    Many years, I wonder what I’m going to write about all month. This year, I have a ton of ideas in my draft section and wonder if I’ll have time to get to all of them!

    • It is always great to have a ton of ideas to pull from for this month of daily posting. each day is a What should I write about today? day for me. If you you don’t get to all of your ideas you will have a good stockpile to pull from when this challenge is over.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement. See you at the finish line!

  11. Lainie Levin

    And here I am, alternately thinking, “What am I going to write about?” and “I have too many ideas to narrow down.” Good problems to have, perhaps…

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