Not My Post

Day 10

Asked! Ha. Do you call withholding one’s food (It is my snack between breakfast and lunch. Very important meal.) until he writes something asking? I call it inhumane treatment of animals. Someone should report this guy.

It is a good thing that I am so easy going and harbor no resentment. (Just wait until he’s trying to sleep tonight.) Well, at least he has the computer set up for me.

I guess I had better sit down and get started.

Where should I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? Sorry, my mind wandered for a moment. Well, the other day I walked into the living room when I noticed a spot on the rug? No matter what you think, I didn’t leave it. What was it? I know it wasn’t there five minutes ago when I passed this exact spot on my way out to the litter box. Oops. TMI. Anyway, I went to investigate. I was all set to pounce on it when suddenly it moved to a different spot. What’s going on?

Then it totally disappeared. I must have scared it. That will show that spot who rules this house.

These people I live with can be real slobs. They just leave things on the floor. I could easily trip over them or even crawl into them.

Around noon the mail came. I was expecting my copy of Fluffy’s Felines (don’t tell this guy that I subscribe). I wanted to go through the mail before he had a chance to just in case it was there. It wasn’t.

After I checked the mail it was time for my exercise routine. Staying in shape and looking this good requires some effort. Somehow a stupid ball got trapped in this contraption and I can’t seem to get it out. That thing beside it is not the trapped ball just in case you were wondering.

This exercising makes me hungry so I thought I would put something on the stove to warm. Just want to take the chill off of it. I hate waiting for food to warm.

I don’t like to talk about my ailments, but once I had an eye infection and needed to go to the doctor. The nerve of her. She gave me some drops, which weren’t bad, but then she had one of her staff put this thing around my head to keep me from scratching it. Oh the shame of it all.

Sometimes this guy I live with thinks he is being cute. He dangles something in front of me. At first glance I think it is some kind of food. After all, shouldn’t it be? When I go to investigate he pulls it away and makes me jump to see what it is, It is not food. He laughs. He thinks it’s funny. I don’t. More cruel treatment of animals if you ask me.

Did I mention that I live with two other housemates besides this guy and his wife? Well, I do. Most of the time I can tolerate them. I just show them who is boss. Occasionally they become a bit annoying and I need to find a place just to get away. This works well for me. It is up and out of the way.

Well, I think that is all I want to say for now. I hope he is happy. I am exhausted. I think I will go take a nap. No one had better disturb me.


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28 responses to “Not My Post

  1. Oh, Bob! It’s a picture book! So many great photos of your cat. He is a real character with lots to say! I enjoyed reading this post and all the wonderful pictures. I am calling Ralph to see before I move on. My husband has always had cats. He will love this! Thank you.

  2. You have the most talented and entertaining cats. I knew exactly WHO was authoring this slice. Loved the pictures and the narrative. Extra treats for a job well done?

  3. Lainie Levin

    Looks like you had a couple of guest bloggers for your slice today. I loved reading their perspective on things! Of course humans are messy and bothersome and annoying. Of course they are also entertaining, warm and good sources of food. Ahhhh, the dilemma. One probably best solved from a spot on top of the microwave.

  4. Wonderful πŸ™‚ loved every word and photo of ‘not your post’ πŸ™‚

  5. Sara Thornton

    Makes me smile! Stealing….

  6. jumpofffindwings

    I am going to share this with my TWO sixth graders as they’re embarking on a photo essay, and I can’t find an example they’ll like more! (My other thought? I’d be completely comfortable in your house.) Our cat thinks he has dominion over every appliance, nook and cranny. Kitchen sanctity? NO SUCH THING!

  7. Terje

    A fabulous feline slice. What a collection of photos and detailed observations of what is really going on in your house. No hiding form the truth when a cat speaks.

  8. What a busy day for the cat! πŸ™‚

  9. This slice has its own mic drop. This is so creative and so fun to engage with! Thank you for this bright post!

  10. I absolutely loved your slice! Anything with a cat as the narrator has my attention, lol! And you were so cleverly funny!

  11. Another wonderful slice, Bobby. Is your kitten the house DIVA? I truly enjoy your cat tales.

  12. Oh, kitty got your blog? This was adorable. I hope you slept well and didn’t wake up to any surprises πŸ˜€ Me? I’m going to have the theme to “Love Story” as an earworm, keeping me awake. I just know it.

  13. Dustin is incredibly beautiful, and I have no doubt these are his actual thoughts as he goes about his day. How could you not take photos of him all day when he is such a fine model? I laughed out loud at his food comment: “After all, shouldn’t it be?” And his animal cruelty comment. So very cat!

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