Enjoying Sunshine and Warmth

Day 9

According to the weatherman, the next two days are to be sunny with highs in the 60’s. I am ready. The question now becomes, how will I spend these days. I know some time will be spent writing a post for the March Challenge and commenting on what others have written, but I also need to get out and enjoy the days.

I could go for a walk. The park is across the street from us and is a perfect place for walking. I could take a walk around the community just to see what is going on.

More likely, though, I will spend the time in the backyard. With the winds of winter and spring we always lose a few branches from the trees in the backyard. Even though it is not yet time to mow the lawn, these must be picked up before the mower comes out.

Another thing I can do is get out the rake. Our neighbor plows the road (dirt) beside our house and pushes some snowbanks onto our property. I am not complaining because I am glad he does this. However, some stones get moved along with the snow and they need to be picked up before the mower comes out. The rake works well for getting them back where they belong.

So, with something lighter than a heavy winter coat I think I will make the best of this weather gift and begin to get the yard summer ready.


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22 responses to “Enjoying Sunshine and Warmth

  1. The start of the spring clean up! Always fun to do in the sun. Things are still pretty frozen here even with the melting snow so my spring clean will have to wait a week or so. I going for the walk! Enjoy your warm days!

    • We still have some very small snow piles scattered around the yard, but I can work around them. I am just looking forward to being out in the sun.

  2. This sounds like a lovely day. Being from southern California, it’s posts like these that remind me to be grateful for weather we enjoy all year.

    • High 60’s in the beginning of March here in PA is a treat. It will get cold again this weekend, but I pan to make the two warm days we are getting count.

  3. Bob, we have some yard work ahead of us, too. Cutting back bushes and plants left with brown stalks, cutting way creeping vines to make room for the hyacinths. The snow is almost gone – the backyard needs two more warm days. Definitely a walk today.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Enjoy being outdoors and doing something that warms you TWICE .(Thanks to Frost for that one.) I feel badly that I don’t love yard work more. Fortunately I married someone who does. I do love filling the composter though. Maybe a post with some photos will emerge from this beautiful weather?!

  5. I like how you share your thoughts 🙂

  6. I am soaking up these 2 days too! It was so nice to walk outside and then ride bikes with my daughter! We are a little busy today, but we are definitely still getting out! Hope you enjoy all of your warmth!

    • Thanks. I am looking forward to getting out and just enjoy being active. I would start today, but I need to go get my allergy shots instead.

  7. I’m SO looking forward to this. I have Thursday off to boot. I have Bill Withers as an earworm. “It’s gonna be, gonna be, gonna be a lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” 🎵🎶

  8. You and I are having similar thoughts about the weather. I was just thinking that I should get outside and start trimming some of the hedges in front of our house that have grown oddly. It’s certainly the weather week for it!

    Enjoy the warmer temps this week, Bob!

  9. Terje

    I hope that the time waiting will pass very quickly and the time outside will feel pleasurably long.

  10. There is nothing better than days like these. Sun shining after months of cold make yard work almost enjoyable; almost like we are thankful that we have an excuse to get outside! I hope you get to enjoy the next two days as well!

  11. You are so ready for spring, Bob. But who would think that you are thinking ahead at the summer months. I have all it takes to get ready for each day let alone months from now.I made it to Virginia tonight but never thought I would.

    • Glad to hear you made it to Virginia, Carol. As for cleaning up the back yard, I think I am just looking for an excuse to be outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth…not that I really need an excuse.

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