August, 1951

Day 8

August, 1951 is very dear to me. On the 4th, I entered the world. This is no major event to anyone outside my family, but that is OK. Sometimes when I am bored (rarely) or when I am looking for ideas for things to write about during the March challenge (often), I like to do searches for things of little interest to most people.

This is such a post. What were things like back in 1951? What were some of the issues facing my parents back then? How was their lifestyle affected by the cost of things. Well, here are some things I found out (these are all averages):

In 1951 a new house cost $9,000.00 In 2021 the cost of a new house is $100.00 – $200.00 per square foot.

In 1951 the price of gas was $0.19 per gallon. In 2021 the price of gas is $2.74.

In 1951 the cost of a new car was $1,500.00. In 2021 the cost of a new car is $36,000.00.

In 1951 a loaf of bread cost $0.16. In 2021 a loaf of bread costs $1.00 (store brand white bread).

In 1951 a pound of ground meat costs $0.50. In 2021 a pound of ground meat costs $3.28.

In 1951 eggs cost $0.24 per dozen. In 2021 eggs cost $1.09 per dozen.

In 1951 a pound of bacon costs $0.52. In 2021 a pound of bacon costs $5.49 a pound.

In 1951 baby diapers (cotton) cost $2.79. In 2021 baby diapers (cotton) cost $15.00.

In 1951 the average wage was $3,510.00. In 2018 the average wage is $87.864.00.

So, what were prices like the year you were born?


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30 responses to “August, 1951

  1. This is a great way to look at the changes. Price for me were just like you. I was born in 52!

  2. The times have changed and prices are so much higher now but the good news is that moving has brought us a really great price on our taxes: Long Island $21,000-Virgina around $8500 on a 3200 sq foot house that is bigger than my LI one. I really enjoyed this slice, Bob.

  3. I shared your post with Ralph who was born in 1949. Amazing! I was born in 1952, so I assume prices were about the same. Interesting post!

  4. What a difference a three scores make! I like this slice.

  5. I was born in 1064. The average income was $6,600 and the federal minimum wage was $1.15 an hour.

  6. In 1980 my parents purchased two acres of land with a house for Rs 1 lakh. Now in that place one cent costs about three lakhs. There are 100 cents in one acre. In 2002 we purchased our land paying Rs 42000 per cent. Now we heard each cent here costs about 8 lakhs !!
    I too am rarely bored 😊

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    • One of the great things about reading posts is that they can often get us thinking about things that hadn’t really crossed our minds or were there smoldering just waiting to be set aflame.

  8. jumpofffindwings

    I, too, a 1951 baby, marvel at how much has changed. But then I always thought my parents were the ones who truly saw cataclysmic transformation. Your truth bears repeating: “I guess each year has its own set of problems.” I’ve always been glad though of my place in the timeline, truly.

    • I agree. I am happy I grew up when I did and I have no complaints about where I am today. Even with uth its ups and downs, life has been good.

  9. Denise Krebs

    Interesting post! I was a 50s baby too, so I guess the prices were similar to your birthday year. One number I remember is when my parents bought their house in an LA suburb, they paid $7000 a few years after WW2. My aunt and uncle bought in the same neighborhood a couple of years before them and paid $2000 for the same size house.

  10. Love these comparisons even though I was a bit later in the same decade. My first teaching job was for a salary of $4500. I didn’t ever make the average 2018 salary even as an administrator. (including with two jobs!)

  11. Lainie Levin

    1972. New homes were about 30 grand. Milk, a buck twenty. Gas? 36 cents. Love reading all of the comments here!

    • Yes, when I started driving I could fill up the gas tank, go to a movie, get popcorn and a soda, and still have change left from a $10.00 bill.

      • Lainie Levin

        I still remember growing up, how long it took before gas reached the “above $1.00 per gallon” mark!

  12. This is such a fascinating idea for a slice! As I was reading, I was wondering what books were published in my birth year. I’m going to do some research tomorrow! Thank for the idea!

  13. You gave me the idea for my slice today!

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