The Smells of Baking

Day 7

As a kid I remember walking into my grandmother’s house and getting a whiff of the homemade bread she had baking in her coal stove oven. My mouth started watering immediately. I knew there would soon be warm bread slathered in butter.

As I aged and even today the smells of something baking in the oven often take me back. Anyone who has been reading my posts for a while knows that I like to eat and I like to bake. Although my electric stove’s oven doesn’t heat the kitchen the way my grandmother’s coal stove did it still produces good smells when baking.

This is especially true on days when the temperature outside is below freezing. The comfort of having something homemade baking just seems to take the chill off these old bones. Depending on what is in the oven, the smells make it all that more comforting.

Case in point. Last week when the temps dived again and we were out of something good to snack on with our evening cup of coffee I got to thinking what I could make. What would not be too much work, make the house smell good, and be tasty when finished.

I had it – biscotti. I know there are many different kinds of biscotti but I settled on a cinnamon sugar biscotti. Cinnamon just smells so good when it is baking. I had all of the ingredients I needed so I set about making them. I mixed everything together. divided the dough into two pieces and rolled them out into logs. Gave them their first baking. Sliced them and sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on them. Gave them their second baking. Cooled and enjoyed.

The house smelled good.

Here’s to biscotti and a cup of coffee.

Today we finished the biscotti. That means I need to do some baking this afternoon. Hmm…what will it be? Maybe some M & M blondies.


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23 responses to “The Smells of Baking

  1. jumpofffindwings

    I was waiting for the wafting smells of inspiration from your kitchen. I relish the vicarious warmth. I, too, am heading to the kitchen in a bit to make flan, something my husband and son both love. The smells aren’t nearly as comforting as cookies, but sometimes you have to please the crowd. Maybe cookies tomorrow? Happy Baking!

  2. I learnt to bake bread last year and the fragrance of baking bread is heavenly, cakes too. Here , around us we smell what is cooking 😁 in nearby houses, specially if there are spices. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  3. Lainie Levin

    Those look delicious! Growing up in a Jewish household we had the same goodies, although we call them mandelbrot, or mandelbread. Still delicious dunked into tea or coffee. My favorite is a lemon-pecan version. There is something wonderful and comforting about being in a home where the smell of things baking wafts through. It DOES smell of love and nurturing and, let’s face it, deliciousness to come.

    • Definitely dunkable…plus the cinnamon adds a hint of flavor to the coffee when they are dunked. I have two cats that like biscotti as well.

  4. I could smell your treats from here! Yum! Love that you love baking. I do too. And it brings back memories for me too. I really want to do some baking soon too. I found Pillsbury buttercream frosting in every vibrant color of the rainbow and I want to use it! I may even write a slice about it! Just need to feel well enough and have the time to make something.

    • I find baking relaxing. Kathy likes samples of raw batter. I don’t. We both enjoy the finished produce. Hope you are feeling better soon and those delicious baking smells flow from your oven.

      • I am with Kathy! 🙂 Well, I guess only with chocolate chip cookie dough (I actually make them with white chips but same dough). I could eat the whole bowl! Oh and brownie batter, yum! My daughter always wants to eat the dough on everything. Even stuff I don’t think tastes very good lol.

  5. Terje

    Isn’t it amazing when you are the one who creates the magic of comfort with fresh baking smells? And I think that nothing beats baking with real butter, flour and sugar.

  6. Oh my! My mouth watered at the thought of all the cinnamony goodness and then I saw the picture. DROOLS!

  7. Oh, this is amazing, Bob! Those biscotti look so delicious – I can just imagine sitting down to snack on one with a good cup of coffee. I can almost smell the cinnamon! Have you ever made pumpkin, chocolate, or lemon biscotti? Could someone who is not often a baker create your wonderful dessert – good at breakfast, lunch, and dinner? You had me at homemade baked bread slathered with butter. Oh, so good!

    • Lynne, I have made a lemon poppyseed biscotti. They were delicious. I have not tried other kinds but have a few recipes I want to try. These cinnamon sugar biscotti are really simple to make. Takes about 10 to make the dough and about 40 minutes baking time.

  8. Bob, the smell of baked goods is always a treat. Yum, I can smell your biscottis right through the page.

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  10. I’ve never baked biscotti before, but that photo makes me want to try your recipe. They look so delicious, and yes, cinnamon smells so wonderful baking in the oven.

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