Staying Warm

Day 4

I am glad that the days are starting to get warmer. Sunshine and highs in the upper 40’s or low 50’s give me hope that Spring is on its way. I have noticed that there is one problem in the house with these warmer temperatures. It seems that when it is warmer outside the heat inside the house doesn’t kick in as often. During the day I don’t mind it because I am usually doing things. In the evening when I am sitting reading or watching TV, though, it gets cool.

I could turn up the heat but choose not to. Instead I reach for something warm to throw over my legs. I usually have two choices: blanket or cat.

The blanket is gray.

The cat is mink (white and tans).

The blanket is quiet.

The cat has been known to purr.

The blanket doesn’t mind being pushed aside.

The cat lets its displeasure show if you want to get up.

The blanket does nothing.

The cat has been known to knead the leg.

So, when the house gets cool the blanket and/or the cat comes out.


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28 responses to “Staying Warm

  1. Biggest difference . . . No displeasure from a blanket.
    Loved the pictures to showcase your ideas!

  2. Loved it, your photos made your more wonderful 🙂

  3. Denise Krebs

    What a lovely photo essay to show your cool spring day of cats or blankets! I love the instructive tone you set with the writing of this piece. The blanket is happy to be where you put it, juxtaposed with all the many pictures of the cat getting comfy is so precious! I’m sure you enjoy many special and unique experiences with the cats that the blanket doesn’t offer!

  4. What a fun photo slice. I love your choices and observations about the pros and cons of them. Cats do make good warming companions.

  5. I love this post! We have a saying in our house if someone asks us to get up and do something, “I can’t! I’ve got a cat!” It’s considered a valid excuse for all family members, even the kids if we’ve asked them to do a chore or something. (to a point, lol).

    Stay warm under your blanket and all your kitties!

  6. Vicki

    This is adorable! Never disturb the cats or the dogs!

  7. This brought a smile to my face. Our 75 lb Rottweiler wishes she was a cat who could sit on us like that.

  8. jumpofffindwings

    It makes me feel so good to have my cat choose me, even as you say, he takes a while to settle and kneads along the way. Sometimes at night, I wake up, and he’s crawled down beneath the covers and curled into my side, another appendage, but one I don’t want to disturb! There’s nothing like cat cuddling. I wish I could relax like that! Love this.

    • I agree. I like seeing pets during a meeting. Adds a nice break to the discussion. I have two cats that like to crawl under the covers and one that likes to sleep on top. However, she must make sure that my legs or back act as her support.

  9. Lainie Levin

    Blanket…cat….blanket…cat…can I choose both?

  10. I am still at that point in middle age when i am too hot.

  11. I know what you mean about the temperature not being warm enough during the day but I have to resort to a blanket. There are no cats or dogs in this house because my husband is allergic. I’m glad you have a built-in heater.

  12. I have a similar situation at home! Blanket or dog. If I need to move, my pup usually grumbles a lot and leans against me to prevent me from leaving.

  13. Awww! I don’t have pets, so it’s a sweater and socks as I sat my desk to work today. But it was warm enough I did not employ a room heater, so yay – come on spring!

  14. Oh, you know how much I love this! I had to laugh when there were TWO cats. I love a lap best when I have three or four as I often do. This is a very funny post with the side by side photo comparisons. I love one thing you said in a comment above–with cats everything seems manageable. That’s just what I find too. Nothing has ever been better for my mental health and well-being than six cats!

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