Here We Go Again

Day 1

It is hard to believe that it is March 1st and another Slice of Life Challenge has begun. This is my 8th year of participating, something I can’t believe.

As with every year thoughts run through my brain. Will I be able to complete the challenge? Looking at my calendar for the month there are some days when I wonder if there will be enough hours in the day to write and respond. I guess I could just pull an all-nighter. After all, sleep is highly overrated.

Do I have 31 ideas that are new and different so that I have something to write about? Honestly, no. I know I should make a list of possible topics and update this list throughout year, especially in the weeks leading up to the challenge. I don’t. I wing each day.

Will I have any earth shattering or profound posts? I haven’t for 8 years so why should I start now?

Will anyone read and comment on my posts? With the number of people participating and that number growing each year, which I think is really a testament to writing and this site, why should anyone pick my posts to read? Yes, I know the goal of this challenge is to grow as a writer over 31 days and maybe try new forms of writing.

So, as this new challenge begins I look forward to reading posts from old friends, making new friends, and becoming a better writer in the process.

Good luck to all!


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30 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. This part had me laughing out loud: “Will I have any earth shattering or profound posts? I haven’t for 8 years so why should I start now?” After I read Margaret’s post this morning, I decided that lowered expectations would be my theme this year!! I used to plan slicing, but now I pretty much wing it too. I’m glad to be writing with you again!

    • Glad you are back. I look forward to reading your posts. For me, lower expectations work. That way there is no standard I need to meet. 🙂

  2. Terje

    When you pull an all-nighter, you must write about it too. The sleep deprived brain might conjure many interesting thoughts. Happy writing!

  3. Sara Thornton

    Request RagaMuffin blogs…….

  4. I love seeing your link in my email each week so I can get a glimpse of PA life! I didn’t do the math to figure out my number of years and I started a search but was sidetracked twice so maybe that’s now on my “When I don’t know what I should write list . . .”

    Earth shattering is over-rated and not required!!! 🙂

  5. jumpofffindwings

    I wouldn’t miss reading your posts, inspired or not, because I’d miss writing like this:”Will I have any earth shattering or profound posts? I haven’t for 8 years so why should I start now?” You never fail to make me smile, or think, or both. And I welcome whatever you send my way. GO YEAR 8!

  6. As usual, your slice has a comic tone and I look forward to reading it each week. I am “winger” too lately but I did start my March 1st post a few weeks ago so I could make my graphic. You got 2 years more thank me as a slicer. Impressive.

  7. Glad to reconnect here with you, Bob. I am not sure if I have 30 new ideas either, but I am up for the challenge! In the past, I wrote several pieces and I was ready to post very early. Today, I just wrote the piece when I got on the computer. No planning ahead this year – I am going for spontaneous!

  8. I love that this challenge isn’t about earth shattering writing. 🙂 And I love that nobody expects me to come up with 30 new things that are different from the 30 things I have written in each of the previous 14 years. I like reading the day-to-day posts. Welcome back!

  9. It’s good being here for March again. It may not be earth shattering but we will inspire each other, make each other laugh, get each other to think (even if our thoughts aren’t all that profound), encourage each other to try something new… we really shouldn’t miss it, should do we?

  10. Good to see you here again this year! Good Luck with that all nighter! I would be asleep at my computer for sure! I usually make a list of topics and this year I did not so it will be interesting to see where I go. See you tomorrow!

    • I don’t usually make a list and rarely know what I will write about until I sit down and start. I will be here tomorrow . Wonder what my topic will be.

  11. Lainie Levin

    Ha! Yes! Do I have 31 ideas? All the nope. It’s definitely a LEAP to think that I’ll be able to come up with 31 whole different blog posts. In my happy little world, though, I’ll evolve enough as a writer to wonder how I’d *limit* myself to one a day. A girl can dream.

  12. Love how I can definitely get a sense of your personality in this post 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your posts again this year!

  13. Hi Arjeha! I laughed so hard at “Will I have any earth shattering or profound posts? I haven’t for 8 years so why should I start now?” It was as if you reached into my brain and snatched the thought right out. Thanks for the laugh and the welcome back. 🙂

  14. A simple and heart warming post is the best 🙂 All the best and I too am enjoying myself and I am thinking why I had not joined the march challenge before 🙂

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