Hope Springs

Some days seem harder to face. Turn on the news and you hear about the rising number of COVID cases or the ongoing election drama. It is easy to feel depressed. Why bother getting out of bed? Why bother doing anything? The early dark doesn’t help matters either.

It can be a chore to get up and get moving. Accomplishing a task seems monumental. A few weeks ago, when I went out to get the mail, I was greeted by something I did not expect to see. We have had our first frost quite a while ago. Things have stopped growing and are resting comfortably in the ground gathering energy needed to burst forth when Spring arrives. This includes the iris bulbs I planted in early Fall.

Yet, on this particular morning shoots were pushing their way through the soil. I know nothing will become of them because winter is just setting in. It is not their time. It is much too soon. But, here they were greeting me as if to say, “Keep the faith. There is hope. Joy is on its way.”

So, even though things may seem as gray as a dreary winter’s day, I offer you this little bit of hope. Goods things will be returning.


It’s early for me.
But I know I’m needed now.
To spread joy and hope.


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8 responses to “Hope Springs

  1. Oh so nice to see a bit of fresh green. I have a few pansies that keep blooming even in the very cold. I check on them daily. It gives me a small smile. It is the little things that count right now.

  2. Yes, it is the little things that keep us going.

  3. Keep your eyes open for those sparks of joy and hope! I am working hard on polishing up that lens as I navigate these odd times.

  4. I believe that many of us are feeling the pangs of the pandemic. Writing becomes intensely introspective and deep inside there is a shoot of hope. Your plant shoots are a visible testament to hope for the future, Bob.

  5. Terje

    We all look for hope. We all need hope. We can find hope in various places. Seeing spring in November or December is a surprising find. And I think that sharing where and when we find hope helps others to grow their hope too.

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