Thankful for my faith;

                It gets me through when times are tough.

Thankful for my family;

                They’re their when times get rough.


Thankful for my wife

                Who’s there for me through thick and thin.

Thankful for accepting friends

                Who take me as I am.


Thankful for my good health;

                Nothing matters without that.

Thankful for our fur babies;

                Our house just needs three cats.


Thankful for the home I have;

                It fits me to a tee.

Thankful for the job I had;

                None other would suit me.


Thankful for so many things;

                The list goes on and on.

Narrowing the list to one

                I know just can’t be done.

So, even when I’m feeling down

                Joy is everywhere.

I need to open up my eyes;

                It will be right there.

During this season of thanks, what are you thankful for?


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16 responses to “Thankful

  1. Bob, I love how you placed faith and family first. They are so important, especially now. May your gratitude list continue as you move through the holiday.

  2. There is so much to be thankful for, and you’ve named many that remind us all.

  3. Terje

    Your gratitude poem shines light into dark November nights. Writing this must have been joyful time for you.

  4. Joy IS everywhere so long as we’re looking for it. What a great reminder — today and every day.

  5. Gorgeous.
    I’m thankful for each slice . . .
    Of life,
    Of friendship
    And feelings of gratitude
    For all I’ve met throughout this trip!

  6. jumpofffindwings

    Common theme, yours and mine—gratitude. Thank you for a post of positivity every Tuesday!

  7. I am thankful for so many things this crazy year! Your poem is sweet and reminds us that everything we need is right before our eyes. Thanks!

  8. Ithink these days, I am a little more aware of the many blessings I have.

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