Hidden Beauty

Not being sure what my topic would be today I mulled over the different ideas rolling around in my head. OK. I only have one idea today and I am not sure what to do with it. I guess I could read other posts to see if I am inspired, but I chose not to. So, here goes.

This morning I had some mail to send so I hopped in the car and drove to the post office, dropped off the bills, and came back home. This didn’t take long.

As I got out of the car I looked at the trees in our backyard. All summer they were filled with verdant beauty. Spring produced green lace. Summer saw lush green leaves. Early Autumn brought out vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges.

Today the leaves were all gone and all that was left was the skeletal framework of the trees. Looking closely I saw beauty here as well. This was the inspiration for today’s post.

Hidden Beauty (one)
Covering is gone.
Blowing winds have uncovered
The beauty beneath.

Hidden Beauty (two)
During the summer leaves covered the branches.
Now, gnarled limbs reach to the sky.

During the summer birds lived here,
Now, nests are abandoned.

During the summer afternoon sun was shaded from the yard.
Now, the afternoon sun shines through making patterns on the lawn.

During the summer life greeted you.
Now, life is dormant renewing its strength.


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15 responses to “Hidden Beauty

  1. With the leaves gone, the landscape takes on a new beauty.

  2. Terje

    You find beauty in the bare and create beauty with your words from it. I struggle with the bare brownness of nature right now during the transition from fall to winter, the leaves are gone and no snow. I prefer staying inside.

  3. I love seeing trees in all their different stages, captured beautifully here.

  4. Bob, I am capturing #1 as an image poem for Abundant Autumn Gallery. I will add your name and state at the bottom. I call this serendipity when two minds in two different places meet to observe nature’s hidden beauty!

    • Thanks, Carol. Couldn’t believe it when I read your post today and saw we were thinking along the same lines. Don’t know why my comment appears twice on your site. I only post once.

  5. I think there is much beauty in every season and often stop to notice it. The beauty of our natural world often informs and inspires my writing. I’m glad you found the same inspiration today in your tress and observations. The haiku is lovely, but I really like the contrasting and repetitive lines in your second poem. Thanks for sharing your stark but beautiful trees.

  6. Lainie Levin

    What an absolutely incredible entry! You know, my fourth-grade students and I have been talking about finding beauty in unexpected places. May I pretty please share your photos and poetry with them?

  7. True, there is beauty in everything. Here trees do not shed all their leaves, but I had seen them in Germany. There is a haunting beauty about them.

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