I am not usually a winner. Most times I take chances just to help the organization running the event. Imagine my surprise last evening when I received notification that I had won not one but two prizes.

Let me go back a few weeks to how it all began. A friend of mine invited me to join a virtual Pampered Chef party that she would be hosting. Her daughter-in-law would be running it.

Why she invited me to join I don’t know. After all, it is not like I enjoy cooking or baking. It isn’t like I don’t already have a few Pampered Chef products. Anyway, I decided to join.

Throughout the weeks of the party I did end up ordering a few items that I wanted. One item I ordered was a large mix and scoop. I have one that I have been using for years, but it is showing its age. There is nothing really wrong with it, but I felt like I could use another.

I also ordered a scooper strainer. This will be great for getting shrimp or tortellini out of the pot when it is cooked.

The third thing I ordered was a cake tester. I know. Why not just use a toothpick or the spring back when touched test. Sometimes, especially with a tube or Bundt pan, those tests aren’t always accurate for me.

The last thing I ordered was a lazy susan. The description suggests using it as a way of serving cheeses. Me, I plan to use it to make icing cakes easier.

Because my order reached a certain amount, I also got a free gift, a small mixing/serving bowl.

Because I ordered some items my name would be placed in the pot for a chance to win some end of the party prizes. It would be nice to win, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

Throughout the party there were games where if you played you got your name added an additional time for the end of party prize drawings. I played a few and for each one I played I got another entry for the drawing. I even won one and that got me five extra entries.

The drawing was held last night I was notified that I won two prizes: a parking knife and toaster tongs.

I look forward to receiving a package with my prizes whenever it gets here. I might just have to celebrate by cooking or baking something using my new Pampered Chef items.


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16 responses to “Winning

  1. So let me know your tricks with icing a cake. My mother was a whiz with that and she always made the birthday cakes with decorations that would always please. I am a cookie baker so I am very happy with Kitchen Aid Mixer. What I would like is a super big cookie dough scooper so that is on my Christmas list. Happy baking, Bob, and congratulations on winning a prize.

  2. What fun. I participated in a virtual party. Now I wonder if I ever got my prize…. hmmm

  3. Terje

    I had to chuckle. I liked how your list of cooking utensils kept growing. I hope they all become active participants in your kitchen.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    It’s so amazing to win even if you don’t really want or need the prize. (In your case, you’ll actually use them, so that’s great. Pampered Chef parties in real life can be fun. I went to one where the PC rep danced on top of a pretty small cutting board to show its strength. It was awesome, and I still have that cutting board!

  5. Lainie Levin

    Using the lazy susan as a base for icing a cake. Now why on earth didn’t I ever think of that!? Love it!

  6. Congratulations, winner! I didn’t know that toaster tongs were a thing. I generally use a chopstick, but I think I might need a pair.

  7. Congratulations! You got some great items,I have a lazy susan as well and use it for taco toppings. All the small containers fit and easy to access them all.

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