How did it happen? Did it come about gradually?

Did nobody notice? Why didn’t they tell me?

In my youth I was carefree. Life held such wonders.

I was vibrant and bold.

I could bend and not break.

In my prime I was seasoned. Knowledge abounds.

I donned my bright colors.

I painted the town.

In my twilight I’ve faded. Skin wrinkled, transparent.

Blown and tossed around, no place to call home.

But I know in my heart, the cycle goes on.

I think back on the past. I think ahead to the future.

Even in my decline I see hope and prosperity.

For circle of life just goes on and on.


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12 responses to “Changes

  1. margaretsmn

    This is a lovely analogy of life. It’s difficult to stay positive. I like your conclusion “I see hope and prosperity.”

  2. Terje

    Nature brings beauty and joy and hope. Spring always follows winter. It’s especially good to remember now that the trees become bare.

  3. There is a lot of hope in remembering the circle will go round again, especially if you find beauty in each turn. The trees green and full, calm and cool in summer. Bursts of color fill styles and heart in the fall. Stark outlines against the sky hold beauty in winter. Budding and growing in spring. Metaphor for life and family and the stages we go through.

  4. Stages of life aligned with nature-yes. This is a good rea, Bob. Even though my leaves have fallen and crunch crunch is the sound under my feet, I love nature. It nurtures me. I, too, love this line: “Even in my decline I see hope and prosperity.”

  5. The pictures really help tell the story with this poem! I love it.

  6. I love the voice here. And I agree with others, the poem works for the leaves, for nature in general, and for all life.

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