Practice Makes Perfect

His arm is good

there is strength and power.

He sometimes practices

Hour after hour.

He knows his goal.

He must not miss it.

Butterflies dance

in his stomach’s pit.

If he succeeds

It will be a first.

His joy uncontained

Will simply burst.

Now is the time.

There’s no turning back.

He will now see

If he has the knack.

He winds up

with his eye on the goal.

He releases

And it starts to roll.

Over and over

on the path he has set.

Don’t be too confident.

It’s not there yet.

The end is in sight.

A smile starts to spread.

Embarrassed he’s not

Though his face

turns bright red.

With a thump it lands

Right where he wanted.

Someone may be angry

But he is undaunted.

He smiles as he leaves.

His goal being met.

Here’s hoping they find it

Before it gets wet.

Our carrier did leave another paper on our porch. If we hadn’t gone out that afternoon because of a doctor’s appointment I don’t know how long the paper would have stayed there.


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20 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. jumpofffindwings

    This is terrific! I’m sharing it with my students! Love the rhyme and rhythm, of course, and it’s accessible, but it’s the surprise ending that will thrill them. (I’m leaving off the photo until they’ve made some guesses. This is so good for inference.) LOVE THIS!

    • Thank you. I would be interested in hearing some of your students’ guesses. I tried writing this as a piece of prose, but it just didn’t work. Poetry seemed the way to go.

  2. glenda funk

    Oh No! You had me in such suspense w/ this poem. I thought it must be about a sport until I saw the newspaper on the roof. Is your paper carrier mad at someone?

  3. haitiruth

    Haha! Great stuff! Ruth,

  4. I see papers in all sorts of weird places around my neighborhood and often wonder if people call to ask why their paper wasn’t delivered.

  5. Loved it. I thought it was something to do with baseball or football :). In cities I have seen paperboys throwing the paper up to the fourth floor. During the monsoon season, we keep a closed container for the paper. I think he finds it irksome but he has no choice 🙂 So much easier to throw the paper in.

    • It sounds strange, but I don’t even know who our paper carrier is. The paper is always there when I get up in the morning. I send payment directly to the newspaper’s office. Having been a carrier in my youth things are so different now.

  6. Okay, you got me with your photograph. Because my husband is a Dodger fan, we have been watching the pitchers very closely. I could have sworn you were leading up to telling which team you were rooting for. I have not seen a paper carrier in our neighborhood for a very long time. Could they be a “thing” of the past. Certainly, this carrier missed his mark. Have a great day, Bob.

  7. Terje

    For some reason my first image was about bowling. Probably because my little nephew played WII bowling last weekend. I was surprised with the ending of your poem. There was no way I could have guessed a paper on the roof.

  8. I love the suspense in this poem! And the surprise at the end made me laugh aloud. Thank you!

  9. I’m sure they do it purposely too! That’s pretty bad aim. LOL

  10. Perfect! Love the ending photo!

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