Blue and White


One was planned and one was not.

Planned is expected; unplanned a surprise

One came where it should and one did not.

Watching one grow while not knowing the other was there.

One was light and one was not.

Two of the same yet so different.

Both bring joy.

Both bring smiles.

Glad both made it here.


Last year we planted some morning glory seeds.  End of the season they must have reseeded themselves.  This year they are back’


Have no idea where this came from.  Found a vine growing up through one of our shrubs.  Didn’t pull it.  Got this surprise.




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12 responses to “Blue and White

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Nature’s own sweet way of saying, “Life is full of surprises.” What sweet blossoms those are, and I love the name of those flowers.

  2. Terje

    Surprise flowers bring extra joy. I think that sometimes the gardening stores sell packages called surprise – you never know what flowers come out. I have a feeling that a gardener who thinks through all details these surprises might not be so welcome.

    • I have seen those mixes of flower packs. One thing we always have to take into consideration here is that birds and squirrels and the wind have been known to carry and drop seeds and bulbs in unexpected places.

  3. Your poem could apply to so many things in life! I love it! I took care of a school garden where morning glories have self-seeded for many years. It is a wonderful and beautiful surprise!

  4. so interesting! I love the repetition of “one, one, one” along with the photos. Very cool. Thanks for sharing a perspective of nature. 🙂

  5. haitiruth


  6. What lovely surprises! The color of morning glories always dazzles me! Yay for unexpected surprises in the garden–of the floral variety!

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