Dining Out


Since March, dining out for Kathy and me consisted of Chinese or Italian take out.  I simply called in our order, went to the restaurant when the food was ready, stood at the outside pick up window or went inside, paid, and picked up our order, took it home, and ate. My contact time with anyone in the restaurant was usually less than a minute.

On other occasions when we felt like really dining out we would go to Burger King, place our order, pay at the window, and pick up our food.  To make it a true dining out experience I would then pull the under a tree in their parking lot.  We rolled down the windows, sat in the car, and enjoyed our meal.

Last Thursday that changed.  I had to go to the PASR office in Mechanicsburg to pick up an award I am giving to one of our members.  We also had a few other things to do.  When we were done I was hungry.  There is a Mexican restaurant in Harrisburg that we like so we decided to go there.

We had options.  We could call for take out.  However, the food would be cold too we got home and I really didn’t relish eating Mexican in the car.  We could sit at one of their outside tables but that didn’t appeal to me.  Or we could not for indoor dining.  We sat in the car and discussed the options.  We thought we would take our chances and go for indoor dining.

Donning our masks we went inside.  It wasn’t late so the restaurant wasn’t crowded.  The host, wearing a mask, took us to a booth.  Some booths were “Xed” out so they wouldn’t be used.

Our waiter, wearing a madk, brought us our chips and salsa and then took our order.  When the waiter left we removed it masks and dug into the chips and salsa.

When our food was ready, a server, wearing a mask, brought it out and placed it in front of us.  We ate.  Their food is always good but that day it tasted exceptionally delicious.

After finishing our meal, we put our masks back on, paid our bill, and left.

It really felt good finally having a meal out.


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14 responses to “Dining Out

  1. jumpofffindwings

    We had a similar experience on our return from California. We did eat outside on tables established for that purpose, but it definitely felt like a restaurant experience, not a stop-and-go. We really enjoyed it but hit the hand sanitizer liberally afterward. The food was particularly yummy, too! Eating in a car outside a restaurant has lost all its “fun.” (I used to love it as a teen.)

  2. Isn’t it funny how eating at a restaurant can feel weird? Glad you had a good experience, and it sounds like you were safe. Much better than eating in the car!

  3. So glad that your evening exceeded your expectations! Eating in the car has definitely lost its appeal. Not much ambience and it’s tooooo hot for picnics!

  4. Dining out still scares me, but it seems that you created an experience that seemed safe for you. It sounded so normal. I’m happy you could have it.

  5. I am glad that you enjoyed your first dining in experience-pandemic style. I am still a bit squeamish about indoor dining but I love being outdoors. My son’s birthday is next week and I am looking for the best outdoor dining experience for him to celebrate in style.

    • Hope you find a place to celebrate your son’s special day. I am sure that being together will be specialenough, but a little something extra never hurts.

  6. We have eaten on patios at two restaurants. It was nice, but also weird because they weren’t cleaning away any dishes or the menu until after we left the table. It got crowded quick. I think I prefer eating take-away at home!

    • Since we went at an off time it was not crowded. I think I would have been more nervous were the restaurant packed. It will probably be a while before we do something like that again.

  7. We have not been to a restaurant since March and sometimes we feel like going but at the last minute we decide against it . Glad you both enjoyed yourself.

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