I received a request from my nephew the other day.  His father, my brother, will be turning 70 on August 22.  Because of this virus no kind of get together or family celebration is planned.  However, my nephew wants to do something special to commemorate this milestone birthday.

He is asking each of us to create a short video, end it to him, and he will put it together for his father.  He asked us to include something we remember of his father and us.

This got me thinking.  My brother and I are close in age, not quite a year apart.  In fact, from August 4, my birthday, until August 22, his birthday, we are the same age.  So, what memory do I share?

Do I share the time when we were young, don’t know our ages at the time, when we both had cap pistols?  We were playing out in the yard.  Somehow his gun flew from his hand (I will say it was an accident) and hit me in the mouth chipping my front tooth.  I still have the chipped tooth.  Never go it capped.

Maybe I will mention all the times we climbed the tree in our neighbor’s yard.  It had big sturdy branches just made for climbing.  Of course our neighbor would come out and yelled us.  I understand now his concern over liability had one of us fallen and got hurt.

What about the time we rode our bikes on a misty day out to the cemetery about two miles from our house.  We didn’t know there was a funeral that day.  When we got there we crouched behind a tombstone and watched.  I admit we stayed to watch the men fill in the hold after the mourners left.

How about the day I got my learners permit and he decided to teach me how to drive?  I had never been behind the wheel of a car before and was extremely nervous which showed in my unsteady handling of the car.  If course a policeman was out driving that same road, saw me weaving, and pulled me over.  My brother explained it was my first time trying to drive.  The policeman let us go.  Needless to say  I was not the one who drove away from there.

Maybe I will just have to think about it some more before I decide which story to send.  It might even be something totally different.


That’s me in the middle, my brother, Len, to my right, and a friend of ours to my left.


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15 responses to “Remembering

  1. Oh, I love all the memories you shared – and the photo! I think creating a video to share on important occasions such as a 70th birthday is a great idea! I love the driving story and have fond memories of my own cap gun that my grandfather bought for me. I just never liked dolls and the Barbie thing. You have such an easy way of telling a story and capturing small moments, Bob! Glad I stopped by!

    • Thanks, Lynne. I can honestly say that I haven’t thought of any of these things for ages and probably wouldn’t have if not for my nephew’s request.

  2. Aw – sounds like a whole lot of good mischief. Thanks for the memories

  3. I loved reading about your memories and believe whichever memory you choose, the video will be cherished by your brother.

  4. Terje

    You have so many stories to choose from. I hope that the 70th birthday will bring joy to your brother even when it is not as grand as originally planned. I first read your second sentence as “virus not kind” and the virus is indeed not kind for cancelling special events.

  5. Are you limited to just one? I would send 4 or 5 videos! My mother-in-law passed away in January and we are trying to assemble a cookbook full of her recipes long with some family photos to make a keepsake book. It’s been fun, but I wish we’d worked on it when she was here to help us pick her favourite recipes (or her favourite version! She has multiple recipes for some foods!) This video your nephew is making sounds like a real treasure.

  6. jumpofffindwings

    This is made even sweeter with the photo at the end. From the chipped tooth, to the learning to drive and all the stories that these probably unleashed, it sounds like your brother will enjoy a celebration of love and real life. Brotherhood forever!

  7. I like the idea of a gift of stories. You have a wealth of good ones to choose from. The learner permit one is priceless. I look forward to hearing rich ones is the story you chose. Nothing is normal during this pandemic. Friday is our anniversary but indoor dining is not something m

    • Right now I am leaning toward the tree climbing only because we were younger and climbed any tree we could. Happy Anniversary. Hope you get to do something special to celebrate.

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