Look, Up In The Sky


Watching the 5:00 news yesterday evening there was a short blurb about something that was going to happen that evening.  At around 9:52 that night the space station was going to be flying over our area area.  The sky was to be cloudless so it should be visible.

Well, about 9:50 Kathy and I decided to go out and look.  We stood on the porch careful not to step into the driveway or else the motion lights would kick on.  We looked, but the sky was not clear.  Oh well.

The station was to travel from NW to SE.  We stood gazing NW.  Nothing.  Suddenly, there it was.  A bright white dot piercing the black sky.


We watched as it quickly moved across the sky.


As it passe over our house we moved to the front lawn to continue watching its progress.  Here it is seemingly above the moon.  There was also a plane in the sky.


The station continued on its path leaving the moon behind.


It then traveled behind a cloud leaving our sight.  This is not the first time we have sen the space station travel over our area, but each time I see it I am left awed and amazed.  Did anyone else see this?

For today’s humor.



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16 responses to “Look, Up In The Sky

  1. Sara

    I missed it!

  2. jumpofffindwings

    Oh, I love the images, (You have a photo journalist sensibility, you know?), and: “The station continued on its path leaving the moon behind.” Everything is moving me this morning. Those words certainly did

  3. How cool is that! I didn’t eve know we could see it from Earth.

  4. Terje

    Seeing a space station travel is not a common sight, and you have seen it more than once. I wonder whether one can wish upon the station too.

  5. So awesome, Bob! Thanks for sharing. And I can’t believe you got the photos with your phone!!

  6. It was rainy here so we couldn’t go out. I forgot anyway. We have an app called “Sky Watcher” and it helps us identify stars. It shows us where the ISS is and all the planets at any given moment. It’s so interesting!

  7. It is wonderful that you were able to catch this shot as it moved over your house. Great job!

  8. I’m amazed that you can see it in these photos! I often try to capture something as vivid and brilliant as the sunsets here and it just looks washed out and bland on my phone! Through your piece here, I feel like I got to see it too!

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