Relief.  Something we all crave occasionally.  What do you do to get relief?  Do you take a pill for that nagging headache?  Do you take a nature walk to relieve the stresses placed on us during these times?  Do you just go to bed and hope that things will be better when you wake up?

Well, Kathy was trying to find relief since last Thursday and today she finally got it.  What happened and why did it take so ling to find relief?

Well, last week I wrote about the surgery she was having on her ear.  The procedure was done on Thursday and everything went well, thankfully.  When she was discharged and came out to the car she was wearing a lovely (my word – not hers) gauze headband.  It was wound around her head, tied in a lovely bow and held a bandage and pads covering her ear in place.  No picture.  I wouldn’t do that to her.

Since Thursday the pressure bandage on her ear was pressing and annoying her.  It itched.  She couldn’t scratch it.  She also couldn’t wash her hair since she could not get the dressing wet.

Although she took ibuprofen to relieve the pain, and they did help, the pain never really left.  She had some heavy duty pain pills the doctor prescribed, but she chose not to rely on those.  She lived with it until today

This morning she had a doctor’s appointment.  He removed her headband and the pressure dressing and immediately the pain eased.  RELIEF!  She still has a drainage tube in her ear and she goes back to the doctor on Thursday.  She feels much better.

A bit of humor for today.



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16 responses to “Relief

  1. jumpofffindwings

    I’m glad Kathy got relief…finally. (And those heavy-duty pain pills are often more trouble than they’re worth.)The “Today’s Humor” gave ME some, so thanks for that!

  2. It’s as though Kathy’s discomfort is a metaphor for how we all feel being cooped up these days. Loved the humor.

  3. So glad Kathy finally has some relief – and that the surgery went well. Take care both of you

  4. So glad for Kathy. Regards.

  5. I am happy that relief finally came for Kathy. It must have been a wonderful moment of peace when the bandage came off. May she continue to get well and keep the humor coming.

  6. Great joke! I’m glad Kathy got some relief from the headache.

  7. cmargocs

    Glad the surgery went well, especially under our current circumstances. The pain and itch of healing can seem intolerable!

  8. Erika Haak

    Just checking in on Kathy–hoping she is feeling much better and healing nicely!

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