Kathy is having surgery of Thursday.  Somehow the top of her ear got infected.  It has been puffy and draining for weeks.  She went to the doctor and he gave her an antibiotic hoping it would fix things.  It didn’t.  He now has to cut and get out the core.

I mention this just so that I can talk about the changes in pre-op testing we went through.  In the past, whenever either of us needed to have a procedure done, the routine was the same.  Go to the hospital, park in the garage, take the elevator to the third floor, register, have whatever tests needed to be done, head back to the elevator. take it to the garage level, get into the car, and leave.

The procedure this time was a bit different.  Here is how it went. Go to the hospital, park in the garage don face masks, take the elevator to the first floor, exit elevator, have temperature checked, answer a bunch of questions about health and activity over the last 14 days, walk a winding hallway to the hospital elevators, go to the third floor (where we always registered), check in and go to the correct department for the test, stand sis feet from the win doe in the waiting room until called to the window for check-in, wait Kathy’s turn, have test, take winding hallway back to the elevator, go back down to the first floor, take another elevator to the garage level, get into the car, and leave.

As far as Thursday goes there will be some changes there as well.  I need to take Kathy because she needs a driver.  I am not permitted inside the bailing where the procedure will be done.  It is being done in a surgical center and not in a hospital.  I will need to sit in the car in the parking lot getting phone updates until she is ready to leave.  We didn’t get a be there time of an estimate of hoe long everything will take.  That phone call comes tomorrow.

I just hope the procedure relieves the pain and pressure in her ear.

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15 responses to “Changes

  1. I hope Kathy’s surgery will go smoothly and she will feel better soon. The logistical nightmare of going to a hospital is huge. My daughter had to take her 2-month-old to the emergency room a few weeks back because the doctor said she needed a test that was only being given at the hospital. We stressed for a week until the fever went down and the baby was cleared. Life is so different these days so have faith.

  2. Wishing kathy a quite and speedy recovery. With this pandemic, we are all afraid to go to the doctor it seems. At least emerg. All the best!

  3. Yes, things have changed dramatically when it comes to routine medical procedures we used to take for granted. Here there are neighborhood laboratories for blood tests, EKG’s etc. Some are closed and have reopened only to service immunocompromised patients. You make the appointment and you sit in your car until you’re called in. The technician has a mask, protective clothing and gloves. You get your blood test and then you’re on your way. I’m grateful that these exist. I hope the procedure helps Kathy feel better.

    • It was really strange walking through the hospital and now seeing many people. Kind of eerie. We must do all we can to keep ourselves and others safe.

  4. Hope everything goes well even though there are so many changes. Feel better soon, Kathy.

  5. Thoughts and prayers for a successful procedure for Kathy on Thursday. I hope you have a couple of books lined up for your “car sitting” to keep you from worrying! ❤

  6. Hope it’s all quick! You’ll have a book with you to pass the time, I’m sure. Thank goodness cars are so comfortable now.

  7. jumpofffindwings

    Good luck to Kathy on Thursday. I have a friend who has to travel a couple hours for cancer treatments. Her husband goes through the parking-lot waiting and phone messaging, too. An NPR report I heard said that in the wake of the virus, hospitals, and I’m assuming surgery centers, too, will likely be safer places due to tightened restrictions. I’m hoping that’s for the good. Take best care.

    • The people at the surgery center told Kathy that the only way they can stay open is to limit who enters the building. I am sure this keeps it a much safer facility.

  8. I am sure Kathy’s pain will go away. Times have changed so much and we have to change with the changes.
    Take care.

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