A Little Sad


I feel a little sad today.  I read that Broadway is closed until September.  Why should this bother me you might ask?  Well, each year in August Kathy and I take an overnight trip to NYC to celebrate our birthdays.  Mine is August 4 and hers is August 9 so we usually pick a Wednesday close to one of those days to go celebrate.

Our trip always includes a matinee and evening show, a nice dinner, and an overnight stay at the Marriott Marquis.  I usually start planning our trip around September of the previous year so that I can get tickets for the shows I want to see.  I know I could just wait and stand in the discount ticket line the day we get there, but I don’t want to spend my day in NYC standing in a ticket line.  Besides, I like orchestra seats on the aisle.  Since we only go once a year I don’t mind paying full price.  It is my birthday gift to both us.

If you have been following my posts you know that I have already purchased tickets for this year.  We were going to see Mrs. Doubtfire at 2:00 and Tina: The Tina Turner Musical at 8:00.  Well, this is not going to happen.  I already signed up for a refund for the Tina tickets and should hear shortly about the others.

I know that when Broadway does open and travel is safe I will be back on line searching for tickets for both shows once again.  I need my Broadway fix.

This week’s quarantine humor.



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19 responses to “A Little Sad

  1. Sorry to hear that your plans have been scuttled. Even though it is understandable, it is still disappointing.

  2. Erika Haak

    We are all definitely grieving missed events. Hoping you guys get the chance to go sometime in the fall! I had tickets for Dear Evan Hansen in April, was very sad to miss it

  3. Terje

    This is a very valid reason to feel sad. For you this annual trip is not just a trip – it is a celebration, a tradition, a gift. I believe that you will still make the birthday week a memorable experience for both of you.

  4. As a New Yorker, I’m sorry you won’t be coming in September on many levels, and I totally understand your sadness at missing your birthday celebration. Did you see this story in the New York Times about the effect of the Broadway closings on the cast and crew of “Mrs. Doubtfire”? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/07/theater/mrs-doubtfire-broadway-shutdown-virus.html?searchResultPosition=1

  5. That is a huge disappointment! I’m glad you already have plans to make it better once you can. Now you’ll have to figure out a new way to celebrate the birthdays! I didn’t know Mrs. Doubtfire was a musical. We haven’t been to the theatre much, but my youngest turns 8 this summer and I feel like he’ll finally be ready to sit thought show. I almost took them to Lion King last summer, but decided it was much too expensive. Hopefully there will be a “next time” for that show!

    • I don’t know what we will do, but it will involve a meal whether we are able to go out or call for take out. There definitely will be a next time for NYC.

  6. Maybe a half-birthday celebration needs to happen in February 2021. And then you can go back in August for your actual birthdays too!

  7. Life is so different now. We also are missing our theater nights. We decided a couple of years ago to get yearly subscriptions to the theater on Long Island that has equity actors. We always love seeing the shows locally. It has been a great disappointment to not be able to enjoy dinner and a show with friends but that is life. I can imagine how sad you are. We are excited when the sun rises so we can go out for a walk.

    • We have season tickets for the Hershey Theatre and the shows there are On hold as well. We would meet friends for lunch and then go to the show. Hopefully there will come a time when things can resume.

  8. I, too, find that some of the biggest disappointments are family rituals that we look forward to each year and can’t do this year. It’s understandable and necessary that things are closed and canceled, but it’s hard to miss out on those events that we look forward to all year. Like you, I hope that there will come a time when we can do these things again.

    • It is hard to miss out on events we look forward to each year and I know that the time will come when we can enjoy activities with family and friends again. Until then we need to do whatever we must to keep ourselves and others safe. I am looking to a great party sometime in the future.

  9. So much has changed. Take care. Regards.

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