A Nice Surprise


When you walk the same path or drive the same route have you ever done a double take because something catches your eye.  That something is something that wasn’t there before or is out of place with what your mind says should be there.

Maybe it is a piece of new yard art someone put out.  Maybe a tree that has always been there was cut down.  Well. I admit that I am not always the most observant of people.  However, yesterday Kathy had a doctor’s appointment so we headed out to the car to go to it.  Our driveway is paved and we have room to park at least three cars on it.  Having two cars there is always an empty space next to Kathy’s car.

Normally i walk to the car, look around just because, and then get into the car.  I did this yesterday but something caught my eye.  It was just a quick glance but something registered in my mind that something was off.   There was something on the macadam that was out of place.

I went to investigate and had to smile.  It seems our neighbor’s kids were busy with their sidewalk chalk.  Ignore the cracks and weeds growing through the cracks, something on my summer to-do  fix it list.




Now for a bit of quarantine humor.



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16 responses to “A Nice Surprise

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Thanks so much for this boost! I love the “collies.” How wonderful to find this sweetness from neighborhood kids on your driveway. I was just telling my husband how as kids my sister and I used to deliver May Day baskets in my neighborhood, conical flower-holders with colored paper handles. We’d hang them on the doorknobs, ring the bell, and scamper to see who answered the chime. I am so happy to see the spirit still alive and well!

  2. What a pleasant surprise. We all need to stop and take in our surroundings a little bit more!

  3. Oh how sweet to find this on the sidewalk! I have seen a number of fun posts online about sidewalk drawings and messages. I saw one yesterday about a family that put up a sign commanding walkers to do a silly walk and they had video of all the walkers reading the sign and obliging. It’s nice to have these small moments of lightness and connection and humor!

    • These little things bring joy to the day. If we can smile through these trying times we know we will come out fine on the other end. We are lucky to have such great neighbors.

  4. Loved the surprise you found on your driveway, and all my guesswork was wrong! Great photos and loved the veggie poodles! Hope all is well with your family.

    • It was totally unexpected. I don’t know why the cats didn’t tell me the kids ere out there. They just don’t earn their keep. 🙂

  5. How lovely to find something positive on your driveway. I love that little fragment you used, “Well.” It puts a sweet touch into the writing, almost as if you were telling it to us in real words. Thank you! 🙂

  6. What a lovely surprise! Someone started hiding painted rocks in our neighborhood about 2 weeks ago. Now we can’t go anywhere without spotting them. We re-hide them, find them again in another part of the neighborhood. We’re always surprised when a rock goes unnoticed for a few days. It’s a fun hide & seek game for all the kids! They are much more observant than the adults.

  7. That is super sweet. There are so many unpleasant things in the world today, it is lovely to see such a lovely expression of love for mankind.

  8. Glad I picked this to read this morning. So nice to read about the kindnesses that bring light and smiles these days.

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