SOLSC Day 20

Only eleven after today.                                                      With loud voices let’s all shout “Hooray!”

We’ve made it this far.

We’ve committed; our writing’s improved.                           We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve all been moved.

The end is in sight.

Old friends have reconnected with us;                                    New friends we have made and that’s a plus.

We’re nearing our goal.

New forms of writing many have tried                                  Mentor posts at our side used as guides.

Writing styles expand.

We’ve written poems; wrote prose and made lists            Choosing the form that makes the best fit.

As writers we’ve grown.

As this challenge now draws to a close                                    We all will win and no one will lose.

The end is now in sight.



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17 responses to “Eleven

  1. jumpofffindwings

    I was thinking exactly this yesterday during a hike in nearby woods always always wondering about my next-post topic. Would it be that decaying log, the hills that beckoned me to roll down them, a small clutch of daffodils swaying gently in the middle of an open field? Still deciding even now while you’ve got #20 done. Good job!

  2. I was just thinking about this today, Bob. Eleven days to go. Did it seem to go by more quickly this time? I loved your poem. Cheery! Fun! Thanks for sharing it, my friend. Looking forward to 11 more posts from you!

  3. Yes, this month has flown by! I wrote briefly about having only 11 days left today too. I am going to miss this daily community so much. I plan to enjoy every moment of these next 11 days!

    • It is funny how when this month ends there seems to be a hold in the days following. I am looking forward to eleven more days of posting, reading, and commenting.

  4. As I posted my slice today, I thought the same thing. Eleven more days of writing slices, then off to National Poetry Month writing poems. Thanks for sharing your fun poem. Hooray!

  5. It’s been giving me something else to do and another community in these days of social distancing. I think maybe I’ll continue daily blogging as long as this lasts.

  6. Terje

    Fascinating format.The month has been so crazy that for the first time in ten years I have not counted the days of the challenge. 11 days?

  7. With all the other events this month, it seems tome has slowed down. Thanks for a new perspey!

  8. WHOO HOO – one of the few times the phrase “the end is nigh” is welcome! Though in my case Poetry Month follows directly behind it. I won’t be challenge free until May *grins/groans*

    • Well, I guess you could think of the end of March as being half way through your challenge. I am lucky if I can make it through March without committing to another challenge..

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