Spring Weather Folklore


SOLSC Day 12

With the relatively warm and dry winter we have had here in south central PA and with the warm temperatures we are having this week I was wondering how it would affect our weather patterns for the rest of the year.  So to that end I decided to check out some weather folklore (totally unscientific) to see what is in store for us.  I did not check out the Farmer’s Almanac.

Here are some things I found at https://www.wlky.com/article/belskis-blog-weather-folklore-for-spring/26881996.

Thunder in spring,
Cold will bring.

If the spring is cold and wet, the fall will be hot and dry.

A rainy spring is followed by a quiet summer.

A windy spring is followed by a cool summer.

If the first thunder of the season is in the south, then it will be a wet season.

If the first thunder of the season is in the north, then it will be a dry season.

If there is spring in winter and winter in spring,
the year won’t be good for anything.

Whatever the wind and the weather on the equinoxes (first day of spring & fall),
so will be the weather for the next 3 months.

With the first day of spring in the not too distant future it will be interesting to take note of the wind and weather on that day to see what we can expect for the next three months.  I wonder, since I go for a free Rita’s ice on the first day of spring does that mean that I will get a Rita’s ice every day for the net three months?  That might be a bit much for me.



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12 responses to “Spring Weather Folklore

  1. Love the humor at the end of your post. I think we all are waiting to see what spring brings.

  2. Ah I enjoy those. They are like the classic: red sky in the morning sailors take warning. Red sky at night shepherd’s delight.” Of course we can’t ignore the great American furry faux weather forecaster: Punxsutawney Phil lol

    Rita’s has so many flavors! But I concur, consuming such every single day for three months would get boring quick.

  3. Terje

    So many sayings. I sometimes think that we have messed up the nature so much that the old sayings don’t hold truth anymore. The post was fun to read though in the midst of all the crazy.

  4. Wow, these are amazing. They seem really vague and confusing to me, but maybe someone who could actually figure out whether the thunder is coming from the north or south would find them helpful!

  5. That would never be too much Rita’s for me! (Well, maybe…)

  6. Lainie Levin

    Of course, living in the Chicago area, the only thing I can say about spring is that we can maybe depend on the weather being warm by about mid-July. Is that in any almanacs? =))

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