A Free Week



Looking at my calendar for this week I can’t believe it.  There is only one appointment that we have and that is on Friday.  The week is open.

I celebrate because we don’t get many weeks like this.  Usually there are doctor appointments, DCPASR meetings, or lunch with friends that fill up the week.

This week – nothing.  How will I act? What will I do?  It’s not like there is nothing around the house that needs doing.  There is always some kind of organizing that an be done.

The weather forecast is for warm temperatures so I could go out and do some yard work.  We do have a few branches that came down over the winter.  I could pick them up so that when lawn mowing season gets here I can just get to cutting the grass and not picking things up before I cut.

I could take my car over to the car wash and give it a bath.  It could really use a bath.  Even though we haven’t had much snow this season I still traveled some salty roads.  It is good to get that off the undercarriage.

I could sit and read more posts and write more comments.  That is always a good way to spend some extra time.

Maybe we will just get in the car and take off for the day just to get out and enjoy.  Of course, a meal would have to be included.

I am not sure what the rest of the week will bring, but I know I need to take advantage of it because next week will be a killer.


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20 responses to “A Free Week

  1. What a rare treat! Sadly, I often find when I have unscheduled time that I end up frittering it away online. Commenting on slices feels productive. Endless scrolling through Facebook… not so much! It often surprises me how at loose ends I feel with unscheduled time to myself since I so often crave it. All of your ideas for how to fill your time sound interesting and useful. I’ll be curious to see what you choose!

    • I usually go from one thing to another until I decide what feels right for the time. I have decided that we will get in the car and go for a ride, but that is for tomorrow

  2. Ah it sounds like you have endless possibilities for the week! What a gift!

    • I enjoy a week like this whenever I get one. You would think I would have plenty of them now that I am retired but that just isn’t the case.

  3. I love this kind of week. It makes me feel so free, unencumbered, and alive. Enjoy every part of this week no matter how you spend it and be sure to breathe in the fragrance of spring forward.

  4. Yes the important thing is not to waste that free time and to make the most of it, even if you don’t do that much!

  5. That sounds absolutely wonderful. It’s rare that I have a free week like that, too! Whatever you decide to do, ENJOY!!

  6. Get in the car and take off for the day (meal included) sounds like a fun plan!

  7. I never use up free time like that cleaning!! But that’s just lazy me, lol. Hope you enjoy the week!!

  8. Lainie Levin

    Yes, it often seems that time is a feast or famine and kind of proposition. Here is hoping that you can also find some time to enjoy without feeling the obligation of Getting Stuff Done.

  9. “The quiet before…” It applies to storms and unexpectedly empty calendar weeks. Enjoy the breather while you can.

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