Show #2



Yesterday I wrote about one of the shows Kathy and I will be seeing when we go to NYC in August.  I am sure you all found the clues and figured out that we have tickets for Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.

OK Poppets, here is a bit about the second show.  This show is based on a popular Robin Williams movie.  In it he played a divorced dad who loses custody of his children.  To get close to them he dresses up as a Scottish nanny and goes to work for his ex-wife taking care of his children.

I am sure you know that the movie and play are Mrs. Doubtfire.  I am thinking the show should be fun.

I admit that this was not my first choice .  I actually wanted to see Beetlejuice, but that is closing in June.  There is talk of it possibly moving to a different theatre, but I didn’t want to take the chance of waiting and then not getting tickets for a different show I wanted to see.

So, using good old I was able to check for available seats for the date I wanted.  They happened to have two on the aisle so I grabbed them.

We now have tickets for two shows in August.  We don’t have a place to stay yet.  Neither do we have train tickets or restaurant reservations.  I will get them in due time.  We have our tickets and that is what is important.


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12 responses to “Show #2

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Enjoy the shows! I totally agree with you that, once you have tickets—and even if you aren’t able to see Beetlejuice nothing on Broadway is a disappointment—everything else is just details. I’m vicariously thrilled for you!

  2. Your post is making me excited for March 20th – I splurged and got tickets to see Westside Story on Broadway!! I just found out that the reason for going to NYC, the TCRWP Saturday Reunion, is cancelled. But I’ve got play and train tickets so still will go and enjoy. Nothing like the magic of a Broadway show!!

  3. I love theater and am excited for you to see both shows. There’s an off-Broadway venue (New World Stages) that allows you to purchase tickets for $20 a piece thirty minutes before the show. They feature shows that have recently moved from Broadway. We saw “The Play That Goes Wrong” that way last September. That show is a hoot and a half. We also saw the revival of “Oklahoma,” which was spectacular.

  4. Oh, you will have a great time! Yes, tickets first and everything else will fall into place. I wish I could convince Ralph to go to NYC for plays. We go into Philadelphia and to the Surflight Theater in Beach Haven. We hope to see something with you in Hershey in May/June. Anastasia, yes?

  5. How about July 25 for Anastasia at 2:00, Lynne. We are looking forward to seeing you and Ralph then if you can make it. Dinner at Fenicci’s afterward.

  6. This one was too easy! Poppets! That gave it away instantly. This August is going to be great for you and Kathy.

  7. Enjoy! The movie was great. It holds such a warm bn place for me.

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