A Guessing Game



It never fails that sometime during the winter months my thoughts turn toward August.  I don’t look forward to it because it is my birthday month.  I anticipate it because it is the month Kathy and I take our annual NYC trip.  The trip includes two Broadway shows (matinee and evening performance), dinner, and an overnight stay at the Marriott Marquis on 46th Street.

I admit I started checking out possible shows  way back in September.  I have learned that if I want to get good seats for a show I want to see I need to buy tickets early.

I am a big fan of Playbill.com.  I can sit and browse through shows and pick my own seats in the theatres.

In my opinion, Playbill is (Simply) The Best site for purchasing tickets.  I have had our August tickets for a few months now.  I thought about letting you know what shows we will be seeing but then decided against it.

I thought I would let you search River Deep and Mountain High in this post to see if you can correctly guess one of the shows we will be seeing.  I have great confidence that you will easily spot the clues.

I remember years ago before technology and when my Aunt Mary was still alive I would tell her what shows we wanted to see and she would walk to the theaters as fast as her Legs would take her and buy tickets for us.  Even though I always gave her the money for them, she would return it. She was a Proud Mary and this was her birthday gift to us.

I know that some people think it is a waste  to spend all that money on theatre tickets.  I like orchestra seating and aisle seats.  I do it because we both love Broadway musicals.  You may ask “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  for me – everything.

Tomorrow a bit about the second show we will be seeing.  I will also let you know which show I am talking about here if you didn’t figure it out.




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12 responses to “A Guessing Game

  1. Gotta be Tina Turner! In my trip to Vegas, I went to the Legends show at the Tropicana and it included a Tina tribute. The singer/dancer was fabulous. I am sure you and Kathy will enjoy Broadway… it will be a lively show!

  2. Hahaha! Cleverly done! I would never have guessed that you need to buy tickets so far in advance. It must be so fun to do the planning and consider different shows and make your choice. And how wonderful to be able to look forward to it over the next few months.

    • I do enjoy checking out the different shows and deciding on which ones to see. Kathy leaves all of the decisions to me. She is always pleased by the choices I make even if they shows she had no desire to see,,,Shrek and King Kong come to mind.

  3. LOL, love the clues. Oh you are going to LOVE it! It’s such a fabulous show! I understand the planning and anticipation of those plans coming to fruition. I look forward to tomorrow’s clues.

  4. Terje

    I always worry, when buying tickets months ahead, that I might forget the event when time comes, even when it is in the calendar. It is better for you because the show and the trip are during your birthday.

  5. What fun this will be! I love Tina Turner!

  6. Erika Haak

    Excited for you! I love seeing shows too 🙂 I am heading to NYC in April for Dear Evan Hansen–counting down the days!

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