Too Soon?



It is March.  Spring is just around the bend.  Cold temperatures and snowy days may still come our way.  Here in south central PA we have tied for least amount of snowfall (just a trace) in February.

We have harbingers of Spring planted in out yard, one of which is a pussy willow.  Usually the willows open in time for Palm Sunday.  These pictures were taken on March 2nd.



I fear that by Palm Sunday the willows will have gone to seed.

Next to our willow is a lilac bush.  As with the willows, signs of what is to come are appearing.



According to the calendar it is too soon for this to be happening, but according to the weather we have been having nature is saying it is time to come out and be seen.

These next wop pictures I took this morning.



A big difference might show up very well in the photos, beu in the last few days the willows have really opened up.


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16 responses to “Too Soon?

  1. Love the photos! Yes, it is too soon. I am wondering if tulips at Longwood will be early April this year. We both wrote about spring today! I have always loved pussy willows but do not have any in my garden.

    • When we moved from Pottsville we brought some cuttings from the pussy willow we had there. We are so glad that they took root. They are a sure sign of spring.

  2. No signs of spring yet in South Dakota, but we have some very warm weather this weekend, and it won’t be surprise me if I begin to see signs of life in my lilacs, always the first sign of spring I notice. I enjoyed the photos interspersed with writing here.

  3. I’m seeing some of what you’re seeing in Central Europe. Too warm temperatures have coaxed some plants out of their winter slumber. I love the turn of phrase “nature is saying it’s time to come out and be seen.”

  4. We have signs of spring here in Georgia, too. Although with our constant rain, we rarely get the opportunity to notice!

  5. We are beginning to see some “too early” signs too. I like it best when Mather Nature is right on time.

    • I agree. Although I am not a fan of snow, it is expected where we live. This year lit didn’t happen. Hope the rest of our seasons aren’t messed up.

  6. Lainie Levin

    These are beautiful! And yes, I feel your “too soon” pain. As a Chicago area resident, when we have warmth in February and March, I’m always torn between my natural optimism and the knowledge that I can’t depend on the weather being warm until July.

    Grateful, though, for this slice, and for the chance to see and think about beautiful things out in the world.

  7. No definitive signs here in NYC, but I fully understand your worry. We’re going to all cross our fingers and hope Winter 2019 is done and your willows are fine.

  8. I really, really need to plant a new lilac bush this year! I have forsythia in my yard. It isn’t common here, but I’m a Jersey girl at heart and forsythia is always the first sign of Summer for me so I’m so glad I have a bush.

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