Another March Another Challenge



It is hard to believe another March has rolled around and here we are facing another month long writing challenge.

I have thought long and hard about registering to participate.  OK.  This is not true I signed up as soon as the registration opened.  I did have second thoughts about it, though.

I looked at my calendar for March.  There are some days when I will need to leave the house early and will not get home until late at night.  How will I publish on those days and when will I find the time to comment on others?

Do I have 31 ideas to write about?  I don’t know.  I should make a list of possible topics to fall back on when the writing well runs dry, but I didn’t.

Will anyone read what I post?  After all, with so many writers participating in the challenge why would anyone choose to read my post over others?  Then I realized, the point of the challenge is not to be read by many although getting comments is nice.  The point is to grow as a writer by writing for 31 consecutive days.

So, even though there will be days when writing will be a bit difficult, I will write.  Even if I run out of ideas, I will still write something.

In truth, although 31 days seems like an eternity today, the time will pas quickly and the challenge will be over before we know it.

Good luck and happy writing to all participating in this year’s challenge.


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28 responses to “Another March Another Challenge

  1. lgrainger125

    I hadn’t even realized it was the beginning of the Slice of Life until I sat down to unclutter my brain by writing a general blog post. I mistakenly clicked on reader and found SOL Challenge. Being out of my own environment and doing such import work so different from my typical life will make this year unique. I too have second thoughts, but stopping and noticing will enrich my daily life. Thanks for your post that helped me to think about the Challenge differently.

  2. Leigh Anne Eck

    Your questions are the same questions we all have…but we continue to come back and participate. I love reading your words, especially your sense of humor. I always count on a good laugh, or a least a chuckle, when I visit! Happy March!

  3. I think we must all have these same questions every year! I went through the same thought process–signed up right away even though I was having serious second thoughts. But I would miss the community here far too much if I skipped a year. I look forward to reading whatever you find to write about (and hope there will be ample cat pictures!!)

  4. Book Dragon

    “The point is to grow as a writer by the end of the 31days.” Thanks for reminding me of this. There is always angst about, What will I write? Will it be inspired? A mad dash of words sprinkled on the page?
    Here’s to writing, learning, and growing.

  5. We do ask these questions each year and we keep writing. We also keep checking in on each other – it is interesting who those of us who have written for awhile have built an on line friendship. Glad you are here writing.

  6. I also signed up right away, then had some doubts. I have to go to Outdoor School from the 10th to the 13th. My plan is to write some posts ahead of time and schedule their publication. We are at the same camp as last year and, though wifi is spotty, my phone gets decent reception so I can use my data plan.

    • No matter how busy we get or how hectic our days become we still manage to post daily. A sigh of our commitment or a sign that we should be committed? 🙂

  7. Terje

    it is a strange occurrence that even when the month is super busy it is possible to find time to write and post. Some slices can be short. Remembering that this challenge is a choice makes makes it easier to show commitment. The support of others matters too.

  8. Love the encouraging words! I know that some days it seems difficult to get started – but what a sense of accomplishment after completing 31 days of writing – and how inspiring and joyful to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones!

  9. It’s been a very busy couple of years for me working on a book and other creative writing projects as well as life in general. I’m slowly working my way back but I know I if can’t keep up the weekly Tuesday challenge, the whole month is out of the question.I like your commitment and look forward to reading what you have in store for us this year.

  10. YES! You summed up the feelings of all of us so perfectly here! How will we do it? We will do it somehow. 🙂 There are days I can only comment on three people and other days I can give a whole lot more. Seems like you get that too. Happy March! Happy Slicing!

  11. Every year I wonder how I’ll fit it in, but every year I somehow manage! Glad you’re back.

  12. You sum it up… we wonder, canI, will I, complete the challenge? But the time will go by more quickly than we imagined, and we realize writing has helped us grow, again.

  13. I am excited to connect with old friends and new ones and yes, I do worry about getting every slice in before the clock strikes midnight. Glad to see you slicing and connecting.

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