Too Early?


I admit that here in PA the weather this winter has been strange.  We have had more rain than snow.  We have had more warm temperature days than cold.  I know we still have half of February and all of March to get through and we have even had snow into April some years.

I am not complaining.  The older I get the less I like the snow and ice.  I understand that some businesses are hurting because of the warmer temps.  Ski resorts find it too warm to make snow.  Ice fishing areas are hurting because the ice is not thick enough to support someone’s weight.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that nature seems to be responding to these temperatures.  I looked at the daffodils around our porch.  Usually at this time of year their little green heads are just starting to poke through the ground.  No so this year.


The catkins on our pussy willow are ready to open.


The forsythia is yellow.


I guess no matter what the calendar says I guess Spring is on the way.



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12 responses to “Too Early?

  1. Living just a few miles away in Northern NJ, I have had similar experiences with the weather and have also noticed the signs of spring emerging. I’m torn between appreciating the milder weather and my own fears of the impact of “global warming” or other impacts of humans on our climate! In the end, you are right and SPRING is coming. In fact, as the old Oliver Hereford poem states, “We are closer to spring than we were in September!”

  2. Terje

    On the other side of the ocean we have had unusually super mild winter. For a while it felt like endless November with grey sky and non-stop rain. Now that it is getting lighter, some green patches appear and birds have started to sing loudly, it is hard to believe it is February. I hope it is just a hiccup in a big picture and next year the winter will be snowy and cold as usually.

  3. We’re seeing signs of spring! Not unusual for us though, but the rain this year has been too much even for the inveterate Northwesterners.

  4. This makes me uneasy. We’re looking at a possible snow day on Thursday up here in Maine, but still, it’s definitely been a warmer-than-usual winter.

  5. As much as I’d like to believe in the furry faux weather predictor, we still have way too much winter left on the calendar. I’m worried what a sudden cold snap will do as well.

  6. I have noticed that also. Springtime in winter is a blessing after years of difficult weather. The older we get the more exhausting it is to deal with inclement weather. Long Island snow has only had moments of appearance and a quick departure. While in Virginia last week, I saw the little heads of the daffodils and was so surprised. Thanks for the photos of your PA area enjoying a breath of spring. (BTW, can you tell me your full name?)

    • Yes. The older I get the more I dislike shoveling, and there are no kids around to who would like to make a quick buck. In regards to your question, it is Bob Hamera.

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