A Poe Excursion


NCTE 2019 is history.  Memories linger.  I went down to Baltimore on Tuesday because NCTE had made arrangements to offer a Poe excursion to anyone interested.  I am a big fan of Poe so of course I was interested.  I signed up.

Wednesday morning 14 of us gathered in the Charles Street Lobby of the convention center to await the bus.


When it came we, along with our guide for the day, boarded and headed to Poe’s house.



At the time Poe lived there there was nothing across the street except fields and forests.  He lived at the edge of town.  The house in not very wide because at that time taxes were paid on the width of the house.  The wider the house the more wealthy you were thought to be.

Five people lived in this house: Poe’s grandmother Elizabeth, his aunt Maria, his cousin Virginia, his cousin Henry, and Poe.

Hard to see, but this is the bedroom shared by the three women.


This room was shared by Poe and his cousin Henry.


Imagine this 6 feet smaller.  The extension was added when the kitchen area was expanded to hold the stove.

Poe wrote in this attic room during the summer and Virginia played in it as a child.

This is the kitchen area of the house.  Houses back then had open kitchens.  Later it was enclosed giving the room  and the bedroom above it 6 extra feet.

This is the Poe’s writing desk.


We left the Poe House and headed to the Pratt library where we were granted access to the Poe room.  This room does not contain the works of Poe, however every single book in the room is a first edition.  We were allowed to pick them up and page trough them.

I should mention that on the way to the library we passed this.


Supposedly Poe had his last drink here before his death.

Back to the library.  In a case there is a piece of Poe’s casket as well as a lock of his hair and Virginia’s hair.

I liked the cover of this first edition so I took a picture of it.

After leaving the library we went to Westminster Church, Poe’s burial site.


Here is Poe’s grave with a bottle of brandy on it courtesy of our tour guide.


Of course, we were all gives a shot so that we could toast Poe.


At the back of the graveyard was Poe’s original grave.


I am really glad that NCTE arranged for this tour and I am so glad I took it.



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12 responses to “A Poe Excursion

  1. He certainly led an interesting life. It is hard to imagine so many people sharing such small rooms, or the fact that fields existed where old buildings now stand. They seem like they would have fit into his time period.

  2. Sounds like a great experience, Bob. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Wonderful pictures, too.

  3. That sounds like an amazing experience! It’s amazing how our “need” for space has expanded. I think of this often when doing various tours in Philadelphia.

  4. What fun! I have not been on a tour like that for years. I love wandering through peoples history. So glad you could go.

  5. What an amazing opportunity. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all!

  6. What a great tour! And thanks for coming to see our presentation at NCTE. It’s always so great to connect in real life!!!

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