A New Toy


Sometime things don’t turn out the way you expected they would when you got up in the morning.  Yesterday was one of those days.

To get to what happened I need to go back two weeks.  At that time I needed to take my car into the dealership for its routine service.  While there I naturally had to look at the new cars in the showroom.  I saw a blue and white RAV 4 and I thought of Kathy.  She likes blue cars.  She wasn’t with me that day.

My car was done.  They told me I needed to replace the front brakes so I made an appointment for last Thursday.  This time Kathy came with me.  Of course I showed her the car I had seen the previous week.  As we were looking at it a salesman came over to talk to us.  Of course, it is his job.

Anyway, we talked for quite a bit.  We asked questions and he gave answers.  We weren’t really thinking about buying a new car at that point, but when we got home we did discuss it.  Kathy’s car is 10 years old – still young.  It only has 19,000 miles on it – still being broken in.

Does she need a new car?  Do we want to take on a car payment?  How long would parts still be available for her car?  We finally decided to contact the salesperson we spoke with and make arrangements to go back to the dealership and seriously talk new car.

Yesterday we did that.  One of the reason we decided on something new for her was that since she has had leg surgery getting into and out of a car can be tricky.  Her Corolla sits low so we thought the RAV 4 would be easier for her.  Here is what we were looking at.


Kathy got into in and found it did not work for her.  Getting in and out she had to put too much pressure on the leg that had the surgery.  Getting into my RAV 4 didn’t bother her because she was able to use the other leg.  Even after adjusting the seat different ways it still did not work.  She did not feel comfortable behind the wheel.  It was too big for her.

What to do.  As the salesperson was getting a battery pack to start the car we noticed      C-HR behind us.  It is a smaller SUV.  We decided to check it out while we waited.  Kathy got in.  The seat enveloped her comfortably.  It sat lower so it was easier for her to get into and out of it.  It was red – not her choice of car color.

Anyway, this is what we took for a test drive.  It rode nicely.  It was comfortable.  It fir her.  Ye, we bought it.




Yes, that is ice on it – we had snow last night.  We now have two red cars sitting in our driveway.


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6 responses to “A New Toy

  1. Very sporty looking! I hope she’ll enjoy driving it long after her leg has healed.

  2. Nice. I LOVE red cars- 5 of my 6 cars have been red. It’s not that I like to go fast. It’s just that I love red and red cars are really easy to find in parking lots!

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