Continuing Our Mystery Trip


After our visit to the Pagoda we boarded the bus for part two of our mystery trip.  Where would our next stop be?  Only the driver and tour coordinators knew.  The rest of us were left to guess as we observed the route the bus took.

Coming down the hill from the Pagoda we turned onto a road that led to Boyertown.  Hmm.  I know where Boyertown is but I have never been there.  I had no idea what point of interest cold be there.

After a 20 minute ride we arrived.  I was surprised to see where we stopped.


Both Kathy and I like vintage vehicles so our interest was piqued.  On entering we were greeted with an RV.  How would you like to own one of these?

A bit different from the ones we see today.

Before entering the museum one of the volunteers spoke to us.  She told us that every vehicle in the museum has some connection to Pennsylvania.  It was made at one of Pennsylvania’s many auto plants of parts of it were made in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately I don’t remember how plants she said were in PA or in the Reading area at one time.  Hope you enjoy this look at history through its vehicles.

The Hill car was one of the first cars built.  Its inventor, James Hill, conceived of it when he was 13 years old.



If you drove around in 1910 you might have had a Sears car.



If you wanted something a bit flashier how about a Roadster?



If you were out and about taking in some sights you might want a touring car.

For letting the wind blow through your hair there was the convertible.


If you had a family you might want something a bid bigger and roomier – maybe a Town and Country or a Station Wagon.

The building housing this collection was at one time a carriage shop.  On the second floor were examples of carriages.

Imagine waiting for the doctor while he hitched his horse to his buggy.


We have all seen westerns where someone is riding in a stagecoach.  The movie ones don’t exactly look like this one.


If you and your family were out for a pleasure ride chances are you rode in one of these.


If you saw one of these you would certainly feel somber.




Back to the cars.  Before we left one of the volunteers started up one of the cars.  Yes, he had to crank it to get it going.  If you looked inside you could actually see the sparks.  Didn’t get a picture of that.

By now it was 11:30 and time for lunch.  I admit I was ready.  A 30 minute ride brought us here.


Never ate here before but I would definitely go back.  This is in Pottstown.  We had our choice of a turkey platter, roast beef platter, or crab cake platter.  I chose turkey and Kathy took the roast beef.  They were delicious.

After our lunch break we headed to our third and final stop on the trip.  I will write about that next week.



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6 responses to “Continuing Our Mystery Trip

  1. Fun to follow along on your tour! My Mother used to go on Mystery tours all around Iowa. It was always good to learn where she had gone. It will be fun to learn what your last stop will be.

  2. Terje

    I can imagine you had a little boy excitement in a museum like this. 🙂

  3. It’s cool that there are so many interesting things to do not very far from your home. And it is interesting to discover or explore ones that are new to you. Every summer I plan to visit some new local venues. I don’t always manage it. This cold be a good way to do it.

  4. This is a neat way to do it. Someone else plans the trip and we just go along.

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