Continuing Our Tour of Quilts


I took last week off to talk about our birthday trip to NYC so I thought I would get back the the Hershey Quilt Show this week.  There was so much to see and some really beautiful quilts.  So, let’s continue our tour.

There was a section of small quilts with the theme “A River Runs Through It”.  Here are two examples.  In this one I particularly like how the use of fabric color, at least to me, looks like the Northern Lights in the background. Of course, it could just be mountains.



This one just looks calming and relaxing.



I thought the shape of this one was unusual, but since it is a diamond anniversary quilt I guess the shape is appropriate.



This quilt stood out because it was all hand quilted.  So many quilts are machine quilted today.




Truly a work of art.



Many quilters come up with their own design rather that using someone else’s pattern.  Here is an original.



This one fascinated me because as you can see one panel picks up where the last panel ended creating a seamless transition from one piece to the next.



I think this is a good place to stop for this week.  There are still many more quilts to see and I will continue the show next week.


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6 responses to “Continuing Our Tour of Quilts

  1. Terje

    As soon as I saw your post title I knew that you’d share some treats. “Cloudy with a chance of colour” was my favourite this time.

  2. That really was a colorful quilt to see.

  3. Thanks for the closeups!The details are exquisite.

  4. Those panels are amazing in the way each could stand alone, but together they make something so special.Persistence is aptly named! A River Runs Through It reminds me of one of my favorite movies. Have you seen it?

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