Birthday Week

One of the nice things about Kathy’s and my birthdays being just 5 days apart is that we can celebrate for a week – and we do.  The celebration began on Sunday, August 4, my birthday.

I had a coupon for a free meal at Houlihan’s and another one for a $10.00 dinner special.  I couldn’t use both at the same meal so I had to choose.  I went with the $10.00 special since it was a one day only deal and my free meal was good until the 11th.  I started off with a chocolate martini and Kathy had a glass of moscato.  I may have had a few sips before I took a picture.


Dinner was a shrimp pasta.  We both had one and it was delicious.  We both had one.


I am sad to say, however, that there was no room for dessert.  Next time.


On Monday we went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord. They give you a free meal on your birthday.  They are closed on Sundays so if your birthday falls on a Sunday as mine did this year you get your free meal on Monday.  If you have never eaten there it really is a food destination.

Tuesday we spent a quite day at home because on Wednesday we were off to New York for our annual birthday trip.  This included two shows, a meal, and an overnight stay.

Because it is only one night I we like to stay at the Marriott Marquis on 46th and Broadway.  It is convenient to all we want to do.  I also like to get a room with a Broadway view.  When we get back to our room after the evening show we like to sit with a cup of Starbucks and watch the activity going on below.

This year we were on the 31st floor.  Looking out our window to the west we could see the river.


Looking straight ahead this was our view.


Our afternoon show was


Because this is closing on the 18th I really wanted to see it before it closed.  I was surprised that photos inside the theatre were permitted.  This wasn’t always the case.


The show was really good.  After the show it was off to Osteria al Doge for dinner.  I chose this restaurant because it is on 44th street and our evening show was on 45th street.  Besides, the second show started at 7:00 and not 8:00 so I didn’t want to have to walk far after dinned to get to the theatre on time in case dinner took longer than I thought.  Dinner was delicious. Kathy had veal scaloppine and I had crab stuffed ravioli.

It was then off to our second show.  It is billed as a spectacular spectacular and it definitely was.  Talk about an assault on the senses.  Here are some pictures form inside the theatre which we were encouraged to take.


There were things going on while people were being seated.  Sorry about the guy in this picture.


There was actually a guy dancing in that cage.  During intermission I went up to the mezzanine to get a better picture of the elephant.


Of course it wouldn’t be Moulin Rouge without the windmill.



I am a fan of the movie so I really enjoyed this show.  If you ever get a chance to see it I highly recommend  it.


To finish up the week Friday, the 9th, was Kathy’s birthday so of course we had to go out for dinner.  This time we went to the Harvest at the Hotel Hershey.  Since we were in chocolate town and I like chocolate I had to have a chocolate martini and Kathy had a glass of wine.


We each started with a bowl of she-crab soup.


Kathy had lobster mac-n-cheese and I had grilled salmon.



For dessert they brought Kathy a birthday cupcake.  I had blueberry fritters with lemon curd.



So, why celebrate your birthday on only one day when you can stretch it out for a week?



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10 responses to “Birthday Week

  1. Happy birthday to you both! What a wonderful week of celebration! Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos. I’ve never been to New York. The shows looked amazing.

  2. Harvest at the Hotel Hershey is one of my favorite places to celebrate a special occasion. Looks like the perfect way to end your birthday week of delicious food & NYC sites!

  3. Terje

    Happy Birthday! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks! You two sure know how to celebrate.

  4. Happy birthday to both of you !!! I have only recently discovered the joys of lemon curd, and lemon curd with blueberries sound scrumptious.

  5. Erika Haak

    Glad you guys had a blast. I think I am going to need to see Moulin Rouge since I love the movie so much. Is it the same soundtrack? My birthday is coming up and I will be celebrating all week long too! I love all the great food you guys eat!

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