Let There Be Air


Although this past weekend was hot, the humidity was low.  This made it much more tolerable for me.  However, we had a problem.

The house felt a little warm on Thursday.  I figured that with the higher temps outside for the last couple of days,  temperatures were mid 90’s, and since we usually keep the AC set at 78 degrees I figured this was only natural.  I didn’t bother to look at the thermostat.  Silly me.

Friday was the same.  That day, however, I did check to see what the inside temperature was.  We had a problem.  The unit was set at 78 degrees.  The AC was turned on.  The inside temperature was 85 degrees.  What?  That can’t be.  How could the house be warmer than what the set temperature was?

It didn’t take me long to figure out that there was a problem with out AC unit.  Show just how smart I can be.  I knew we were in for a heat wave so I figured I had better call our service people.

I spoke with the dispatcher and she told me she wasn’t sure anyone cold come on Friday because all service people were out.  I told her we could survive until someone came.  We did before we had the AC installed.  She would call back when someone was available.

No call Friday.  No call Saturday.  No call Sunday.  No call Monday.  I knew that the humidity was going to start climbing again so I thought I would call again and ask if they had found someone who was available.

One of their service people lives where we do but he was tied up with someone else.  He could stop by tomorrow, Tuesday, morning at 7:30 to check things out.  Fine.  I would be up and waiting.

He came right on time today.  Checked the flow.  Air was moving.  Said he thought it was an outside problem and went to check.  In less than 30 minutes he was finished and the cool air was once again flowing throughout the house.  Seems the capacitor blew.  Apparently this tends to happen in hot weather.

Well. he replaced it.  The house is getting cool and comfortable.  I am happy.


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14 responses to “Let There Be Air

  1. Classic! The AC goes out during a heat wave and the furnace during a cold snap.I am glad it was an quick fix. I hope it wasn’t too expensive.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we rely on AC now? Yesterday, was so hot that we could not even think of going to the beach until the temp and humidity were lower. Opted for the AC house instead. Stay cool!

    • Right now I am sitting in my recliner and enjoying the cool we didn’t have for several days. These days without AC made me remember what it was like before we installed it.

  3. Terje

    I am glad your AC was fixed. I love summer but the heat is no good for health.

  4. Here too more and more people are using an AC.

  5. Glad you are back in the cool air, Bob. I must say, you seemed to stay remarkably calm during the heat wave.

    • Thanks, Rose. I admit I didn’t bet much done while the AC was off. I did do a lot of reading in front of the fan. I guess that is not all that bad.

  6. Glad it was a pretty quick fix once the technician finally came. My AC kept the house comfortable during our recent heat wave. I was very grateful.

  7. Oh, my goodness, I feel your pain. It’s hard when the ac goes on the blink. Glad your repairman arrived on time & could fix things quickly.

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