Surviving The Heat


There is no denying that last week’s heat wave here in the east as well as the rest of the country has been brutal.  With the humidity the heat index had reached over 100 degrees on several days.  How do you survive?  What do you do to keep cool?

It was so hot last week that I didn’t feel like moving or doing anything.  Things that normally enjoy held no interest at all for me.


I usually start the day by sitting in front of the fan and reading the newspaper.  That kind of eases me into the day ahead.


All I wanted to do was rest.  So I admit that I took several cat naps during the day.






When it is warm it is important to find a cool spot.  Quartz makes for a cool place to rest.



Lounging in the pool is another way to beat the heat.  It does help, however, if there is water in the pool.


Of course, wearing heavy clothing is not a wise ting to do.  I suggest you shed those heavy layers and go for something light and breathable.


It is important to stay hydrated so I suggest you drink plenty of liquids.


As far as eating, several small meals are better than one big meal.



Sometimes it is just nice to chill out with friends, especially in an air conditioned space.


If you really must go out I suggest you take an umbrella since pop up showers are a given in this kind of weather.


Of course, if none of these suggestions works for you I have one more thing you can try.  Find a cool spot somewhere in the world, pack a bag, and take off until the heat wave is over.




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15 responses to “Surviving The Heat

  1. Perfect way to handle the heat! Love watching this one help us think about how to make it through the heat waves. Fun and Funny!

  2. So cute! I loved scrolling through the day with the photos dovetailing perfectly with your story! Thanks!

  3. Very nice 🙂 we too had a very hot summer in April, May and June.

  4. So cute! What a fun post. Your cat is so very cat-like, which equals entertaining, of course.

  5. What a great way to tell a story! Cat Meme Unfolds – Beat the Heat, Cat-Style! Love it!

  6. What a great way to tell this story.

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