It Took A While


I am not always a patient person.  I don’t like waiting in lines.  I don’t like waiting for someone to return a call.  I don’t like being stuck in non-moving traffic.

When I start a project I like to work on it until it is finished.  I get a sense of accomplishment when I see a project I have completed.

Some things, however, can’t be rushed.  Baking a cake requires you give it the full baking time called for in the recipe.  Sometimes, depending on the oven, it takes a little longer.  Painting a room takes time also.  It is not something to be rushed or else the finished job looks like time was not devoted to it.

Well, at the end of May I did something that I hoped would yield results.  I planted some seeds around the sign post at the front of our yard.  I knew the seeds wouldn’t sprout and bloom overnight.  So I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited.

In June I finally saw some little leaves pushing up through the mulch.  Hooray!  The seeds took.  Still too early for flowers, but the promise of blooms is there.  Every day when I went out for the mail I stopped to see the growth process.  What I was most interested in were the Morning Glory seeds I planted around the pole.  Would they grow?  Would they climb around the pole?

I kept a watchful eye on them.  The shoots sprang up and attached themselves to the pole.  They started their climb.  Each day they climbed higher and higher.  Leaves unfurled and filled in the vine.  Flowers haven’t appeared yet, but I am hoping it won’t be long.

Meanwhile, some of the other flowers I planted have started to bloom.  I am ready for this blast of color at the front of our yard.

Although I don’t like waiting, this is one wait I did not mind.




I think something has been feasting on the leaves.


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13 responses to “It Took A While

  1. The Morning Glory will look so beautiful in bloom! Wild Morning Glory grows in the American Southwest and so I grew up considering it a weed. When I moved to the East Coast and discovered people were planting it on purpose…and that it comes in so many big, beautiful colours…I was surprised!

  2. Stargaze Lane! What a great name. That sign sure deserves the color that is starting to bloom around it.

  3. Plants definitely are a test of patience and yours has been well rewarded! 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I have some dahlias in pots on my front stoop. A few buds have emerged and I love looking everyday to see how they have changed from the day before. It’s all about patience.

  5. Terje

    This is a sign in a pretty outfit. What a sight to look at. I hope we’ll see what it will be like with little bit more patience. You’ll share pics, won’t you?

  6. Beautiful, I too would not mind waiting for such works of nature.

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