A Day in NYC


Usually Kathy and I take a trip to New York in August to celebrate our birthdays.  We will do that this year as well.  However, last week we also took a trip to NYC.

We wanted to see Kiss Me, Kate and since that show is only playing until June 30 we knew we couldn’t wait until August to see it because it wouldn’t e playing.  Now, we have seen the show before, but there was a special reason we wanted to see it this time.  Corbin Bleu was one of the featured actors in the show.

Some of you may remember from a previous post that Kathy and I had a chance to go backstage to his dressing room when he was in Holiday Inn.  This happened because his cousin was engaged to our nephew.  We were thrilled when Marissa’s mother arranged backstage passes for us.

We met him again at Marissa and Jason’s and through convoluted thinking we consider him part of our family.  Because of this we wanted to see him on stage again.  We got tickets and we went.


We waited for him at the stage door after the show.  We really didn’t expect him to recognize us of know who we were.  However, when he came out and we called his name, the recognition was there on his face.  He might not have remembered our names, but he knew that he knew us from somewhere.  We had a nice conversation with him before we left so that he could talk to the others waiting in line to meet him.


Of course since we went to NYC on a Wednesday that means we had to see two shows.  Kiss Me, Kate was our evening performance.  So, what did we see for our matinee show?  Well, this might seem a bit strange for a musical, bur we saw:



I admit that the only reason I wanted to see this was because I wanted to see the King.  Kathy did not want to see this at all but she agreed to go with me and sit through.  She had never seen any of the King Kong movies because they are not the kind she would go to.  She really had no idea what the story was except that there was a big gorilla.  Usually they don’t allow pictures of the curtain in theatres because they are considered part of the set.  However, here we were encouraged to take pictures.  Here is what the curtain looked like.



Now. what about the show?  The show itself was OK.  However, Kong was unbelievable!  How they made him move, the facial expressions, the roaring that shook the theatre was well worth the price of admission.  We were center orchestra about 7 rows from the stage.  Near the end of the second act they bring Kong to the center front of the stage, stand him up to his fullest height, and stretch his arms out over the audience.  Amazing!

The projections of him running down the streets of the city and climbing the Empire State Building were something to see.

I am sure that most people know how the story ends.  It is fair to say that at the end of the show there were quite a few eyes in the theatre that were not dry.  I highly recommend this show just for the spectacle that is King Kong.

We are good now until August when we have tickets for Moulin Rouge and The Cher Show.


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15 responses to “A Day in NYC

  1. It has been quite some time since we have seen any movie in the cinema. Reading your post I was reminded of those long ago days when we were in New Delhi. We speak Kannada at home, in those days there was an organization of Kannada speaking people. They used to screen Kannada movies and we used to watch three movies in a day. I was in High school then. 🙂

  2. What a great day! Thanks for bringing us along. Especially fun knowing a cast member and getting to talk to them. I have a fond memory of the weekend my mom and I got a “theater package” (at Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Indiana, not Broadway). One of the events was to meet and chat with the cast of the play. They were young theater majors from colleges around the country spending the summer working. We had a great time hearing about their experiences and aspirations.

  3. How exciting to be backstage! I’ve never had that experience before. What a thrill!

  4. I had no idea King Kong had been turned into a play.And how delightful to have a backstage experience!

  5. I am taking my children to their first “broadway” show (in Toronto) this summer…Lion King. I am so excited! They are going to love it and will want to go to musicals with me for the rest of our lives! I just know it.

    I can relate to how you’ve adopted this cousin into your family. My children’s favourite cousin is my niece’s husband. 🙂 He’s 20 years older than them but they have always look forward to seeing him. It’s as if he’s always been in the family.

  6. I too enjoy how you bring us along! I experience Broadway shows through your posts! Always something special happening!

  7. I, too, love Broadway shows. What fun! I have heen curious about how King Kong could fit on a stage – logistically!

    • That was one of the reasons I wanted to see the show just to see how they would handle Kong. It was amazing how they brought him to life. Although it’s not the same, there are some YouTube videos of the show.

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