Hitting the Road


There is no doubt about it.  I like to travel.  Although I’ve been abroad, I still like domestic traveling the best.  I like to hop in my car and take off.  It might be an hour’s drive to Harrisburg.  It might be a half hour drive to Pottsville.  It might be a 6000 mile trip across the country and back.

To me it just feels good to get in the car and get out for a bit.  This makes me think of how vehicles have change over the years.  I thought I might share with you some vintage means of traveling.

I was a kid of 3 in 1954.  My parents had serviceable family cars.  We never had a convertible.  Somehow I can’t imagine my dad driving a Buick Skylark convertible like this one.



Some of our family’s friends owned a Pontiac.  I don’t remember if any had a ’56 Pontiac like this one.



My dad’s car of choice was a Ford.  We had a yellow Galaxy 500 which I referred to as a canary. I know we never had a T-Bird.



A Rolls Royce?  At our house?  You’ve got to be kidding.  Maybe if we had a chauffeur.  Nah.  Dad was our driver.



Lincoln’s were well our of our family’s price range so you would never see a Mercury Comet sitting in our driveway.



I realize that some people would rather hop on a bus for traveling distances.  Maybe a Greyhound like this one although this particular one is a bit before my time.



Finally, let;s not forget about air travel.  Maybe if you are a friend of Jimmy Buffet’s he might lend you his plane for that cross country trip or a trip to Margarittaville.  I’ll drink to that.






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11 responses to “Hitting the Road

  1. Terje

    My mind just can’t take in how fabric can be used to make art like this. It seems impossible.

  2. Such great cars, such incredible art. Took me back to my dad’s Galaxy500, too!

  3. Those are amazing! How big are they?

  4. Loved the road trip today. What artistic talent in each! ❤

  5. Why didn’t I think of quilts when I read your intro?

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