Quilt Show Part 2


At the show this year there seemed to be an abundance of quilts with circular designs.  Check these out.


This one kind of looks like an eye.  I guess that is why the quilter calls it “Colorful Retina”.




I have included these two for a special reason.  Can you figure out what that reason is before scrolling down?



If you look closely at the first one, “Celtic Migration”, you will see that the pattern is made up of flying geese.  You will also notice how small those geese are.


The second one, “Reflection in Front of a Wall” is made up of tiny squares.  I know I would not have the patience to do something like this.


How many of you have/had a rubik’s cube?  How many of you solved it?  Do you think this could have helped?


Each year the show hosts a special challenge sponsored by Cherrywood fabrics.  You may remember previous ones on “The Lion King” or “Wicked”.  This year the theme was “Prince”.  I will end this post with a look at some of those quilts.







Next week we will finish with more spectacular quilts including the Best of Show.



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28 responses to “Quilt Show Part 2

  1. WOW! It is one thing to sew in a straight line, but the perfection on these circles is truly amazing.

  2. Exquisite! I love looking at these beautiful quilts!

  3. Those quilts are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them! I can’t wait to see the quilts next week!

  4. Wow! These are amazing! How intricate!

  5. I truly have never seen quilting work like this! Stunning! And I should get out more.

  6. Oh, those are fabulous! Is this from the Mennonite Relief Show at the Farm Show Complex or something else?

  7. Did I miss your last week’s quilt post? I’ll have to go back and check. I have been reading your quilting posts for several years, and every year the quilts are just awesome! There is so much creativity in the world that it’s impossible to grasp it all. Those circular quilts really appeal to me…like mandalas. The intricacy of the quilting blows my mind. I’d never have the patience! Thanks for sharing this amazing talent once again.

  8. Such incredibly talented quilts! These all were stunning.

  9. These are amazing – I can’t image making them. Thanks for sharing!! Wow!

  10. Stunning! All those tiny pieces – these look like quilts that take years to make.

  11. The quilts look wonderful and the variety makes them even more special. You have taken us to the show with you, thank you.

  12. They are so beautiful and I love how you pick out some themes and details for us to enjoy. As you say, the work involved is unbelievable, but must give a lot of satisfaction to the creator!

  13. That first one with the scalloped edges and the hearts in the design is my favorite! The Rubik’s cube seems an odd theme for a quilt!

  14. I’m obsessed with that Rubik’s cube quilt!

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