Quilt Show Part One


On Friday Kathy and I went down to Lancaster to the AQS Quilt Show.  This is one of the top shows in the country and on viewing the quilts it is easy to see why.  These are not your traditional quilts.  I highly doubt that any of them adorn a bed unless that bed is not used and the quilt is there for show only.

As with other shows there was a wide variety of quilts on display.  If you like traditional patterns you will see them but not in traditional ways.  If you like modern or abstract pattern quilts there is no shortage of them.  Pictorial quilts always a please so there were several of them as well.

Size doesn’t matter.  If you like wall hanging size, you will find them.  If you like bed size, take your pick of crib, twin, full, queen/king.  If you like miniatures, you would be out of luck at this particular show.  Finally, if you like wearable art, you could see quilted jackets as well.

I took too many pictures to include them all in this one post so I will share some with you now and keep the others for future posts.  Hope you like what you see.

I thought I would start with the pictorials just because I think these are good examples or art done with fabric.

Here’s one for the dog lovers.  I apologize for the blurriness.  I didn’t realize it until I got home or I would have snapped another picture.


Of course, if I include a dog I must also have a cat.


As long as we are talking about art how about these two artists.


I’ve never been to Italy but I wouldn’t mind seeing this castle.


With the winter we had this fur coat would have come in handy.


There was a special section devoted to quilts of valor.  If you are not familiar with these they are quilts made for and given to service men and women.  They are usually done in red, white, and blue fabrics.  Here are a couple of them.




This is just a small sampling of what was on display.  More to come next week.


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26 responses to “Quilt Show Part One

  1. Om goodness – those are some amazing quilts. I’m working on one right now that is NOT in that league!

  2. These are amazing! I am looking forward to your next post of photos. And I really want that cat quilt, of course!

  3. Gotta love the red, white, and blue!

  4. Wow! Some amazing pieces!

  5. I think you might enjoy this post of mine about a Mennonite quilt auction held annually here in Canada:


    • Your post reminds me of the Mennonite Quilt Auction that is held yearly at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex. We have gone a few times and it is run the same way. Beautiful quilts and good food!

  6. I am always amazed at the pictorial art quilts. How do they even see the end result, let alone know how to get there. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more of what you saw.

  7. I love your sharing of these amazing quilts. So much talent in one place. I couldn’t pick a favourite tho.

  8. Impressive, as always. Thanks I look forward to this every year.

  9. Alice Nine

    Amazing craftsmanship… I’m always impressed by the creativity of design and by the needlework.

  10. “These are not your traditional quilts.” You are right! I have never seen quilts like these. I have many questions as they look so real. Were they photographs sewn on? Some of them look three dimensional, were they actually 3D?

    • Every quilt is fabric cut and seen back together to make the pictures. No photos seen on fabric. The 3D looking quilts again were just made by fabric placement. Amazing, isn’t it?

  11. When I look a the photos, it is hard to believe that all of them are quilts! Talent is amazing! I think I need to plan a trip to Northern Indiana to the Amish country to go see some quilts in person!

  12. I stopped by hoping to see some quilts and I was not disappointed. I love the last quilt of valor with the stars! And I’ll be watching for more quilts to come.

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