A Sweet Treat


SOLSC Day 25

Anyone who knows me or who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows I have a sweet tooth and I like to bake.  The other day a recipe caught my eye so yesterday I decided to try it.

It started with this in the magazine section of our newspaper.


I like blueberry muffins and I like anything lemon flavored.  Combining two good tastes can’t be all that bad.  At the store I bought a box of muffin mix.


I got out the other ingredients I would need.


I measured and had them ready to add to the mix.


The oven was preheated.


The pans were lined with parchment paper.


Time to mix everything and make the batter.


Dropped the batter onto the cookie sheets.  The recipe said 20 – 22 cookies.  I got 28.  I guess I made them a bit smaller.


Into the oven for 8 minutes then onto the cooling rack.  Batch one is finished.


After another 8 minutes batch 2 is also done.


After they had cooled completely it was time to make the glaze.  Once again I gathered my ingredients.


I melted the butter and measured everything else.


A bit more milk was needed than what the recipe called for.  When the glaze was made it was time to top the cookies.  Not the prettiest but that is OK .


All that is left now is to eat and enjoy.  I did try two, just to make sure they were edible, of course.  They are!



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31 responses to “A Sweet Treat

  1. I read your blog post because I am the WORST cook ever. Those look yummy, almost like scones. Now I need to eat breakfast!

  2. WOWilkinson

    Thanks for sharing. I’m impressed you remember to photograph each step. No matter my intentions, I always get caught up in the baking and forget to take the pictures.

  3. I LOVE lemon and blueberries as well!! These cookies look great. Maybe I should try them. Yesterday I bought a rasberry-peach crumb pie when I went to visit friends. The flavor combination was a new one for me. It was okay. I needed more raspberries.

  4. Yum, blueberry muffin cookies sound delicious! I love blueberries, what a creative way to bake with them.

  5. Good thing I’m reading your slice after breakfast… or else, I’d be racing down to Strawberry Place for one of their muffins, BEFORE yoga… I loved your step by step Bob…

  6. jennysrich

    They look delicious and it didn’t seem to difficult to make. What a great snack for your week of work!

  7. jumpofffindwings

    Yum! Just finished the last bag of summer-picked blueberries. Can’t wait til the farms open again to those of us who love to keep bags of summer FROZEN! (Lemon and blueberries? Magic!)

  8. Yours look just like the ones in the recipe. My cookies never quite come out looking the same, though they generally taste good.

  9. Yummy. Cool baking photo diary.

  10. A perfectly perfect delicious slice! I love cooking instructions that include pictures!

  11. Anything with lemon drizzle on top is a winner in my book. So interesting to add all these ingredients to a mix – sounds like an oatmeal cookie with blueberries. I wish I had one right now to go with afternoon tea…

  12. Where they as good as you hoped?

  13. I love trying new recipes and this one sounds delicious. The pictures are making my mouth water.

  14. I’ll be over for a cup of tea and a few cookies, okay??
    Great slice – they sure do look scrumptious!

  15. These look so good! I’m the baker in the house, and since I do the baking, I choose the flavor (usually chocolate, anything with chocolate. Or lemon!). Your house seems like a very good one to visit–baked goods AND gorgeous cats!!!

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