SOLSC Day 19

On Sunday we met with the treasurer of our organization.  He wanted to go over some things with us before presenting the budget at Wednesday’s meeting.  We needed to decide on a place to meet.  I chose BAM because they have a cafe.  Coffee and discussion sounded good to me.

Oh wait.  What is BAM you might ask?  Well, years ago we lost out Boarders bookstore when the chain closed.  I was devastated because we have no bookstores in our area.  What was going to happen to that building now that Borders was leaving?

Luckily Books-A-Million (B-A-M) took over; it is now out go to book store.


W got there a little before our meeting so naturally we had to look around.


New releases. Bargain books. YA books. Magazines.  Music.  Where to start.


I always start with the new releases especially since there was one I was interested in…Cemetery Road by Greg Iles.


Of course they had it.  Did I buy it?  What do you think?

We have been going to BAM for years.  I know I spend a lot of time there because the manager knows me, not by name but as a frequent customer.  We always have a little conversation.  He knows the type of books I like.  He recommends titles to me.  He gets advanced reading copies so he is familiar with the books before the store gets them.  He hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

No trip to Harrisburg would be complete without a stop at BAM.





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14 responses to “B-A-M

  1. How lucky you had BAM move into that space. We only have a Barnes and Noble in our town. So sad that an independent store can’t survive. Enjoy your new purchase!

  2. We have a great local bookstore in our mall and I love wandering the aisles. I can ask for any book to be ordered and they will order for me. Love their reduced books as well – I never leave without at least one book.

  3. Always good to wonder in a book store and added plus to have coffee as well. Looks like a good time!

  4. You are so blessed to have B-A-M! Enjoy your trips!

  5. I wish there was a giant bookstore like this in my town! I miss doing exactly what you described.

  6. I should have known what BAM was as soon as I saw those letters. It is a great bookstore.

  7. I still miss Borders. I spent many, many happy hours there. BAM is a good store for me when I’ve got my family with me because they have a lot of trinkets and gifty stuff and so my son, who has a lot less interest in books than I do, can wander more or less happily looking at all the stuff while I look at books. But I much prefer stores with more books and less stuff!

    • Yes, bookstores should focus on books and keep everything else to a minimum. I am just glad that another bookstore took over the space when Borders left and it didn’t become a Dollar General or anything like that.

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