Day 9 Playing With A New Old Toy



I admit it…I like to eat.  Not only do I like to eat, but I enjoy cooking as well.  Since I’ve retired I am always on the lookout for something new to try.  If the meal turns out good the recipe is kept.  If not, then the recipe is filed in the circular file.

One thing I have had for years but never really used is our slow cooker (crock pot).  I had made a meal in it years ago but didn’t like the taste so I put it away on a shelf.  There it sat…and sat…and sat.

Because things have gotten a bit hectic around here with both Kathy and me doing things the day flies by and dinnertime seems to get here quickly with neither one of us having any idea as to what we want nor the energy to start something from scratch.  That’s when I decided maybe it is time to revisit the crock pot.

I figured if I started something before we got busy doing things dinner would be ready when we were.  I found some recipes on line that sounded promising and thought I would give it a go.

I had found a recipe that called for a two pound pork roast, dry onion soup mix, soy sauce, and minced garlic.  Our store had a good sale on a pork roast. .. 10 pounds for a good price.  We cut it into five 2 pound portions keeping one out to use and four to freeze.    I gave the recipe a try.

It made the house smell good while it was cooking.  An hour before it was done I decided to get some potatoes and veggies together and roast them.  Made a delicious meal.  The au jus made a tasty gravy.  Definitely a keeper recipe.

The next meal I tried was a Tuscan chicken.  This recipe called for sun dried tomatoes, Alfredo sauce, and a few other ingredients.  This was served over fettuccine.  Another good meal and a keeper.

I guess that first meal I made years ago just wasn’t a good one to start with.  Now I look for recipes that sound good and I am willing to give them a try.  After all, it is nice having dinner ready when we are ready to eat.  The decision had been made earlier and the cooking is done.  Serve it up and eat!




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21 responses to “Day 9 Playing With A New Old Toy

  1. Yummy! I’ve always toyed with the idea of getting a crock pot. Glad to see you are putting yours to use.

  2. Sara Thornton

    I love my slow cookers!

  3. I hope you have found the crock pot liners which make clean up a breeze. I love using the crock pot! I’m glad you found some recipes that are tasty and one’s you might want to try again. Now you’ve made me hungry as I think about all your tasty meals. 🙂

  4. I am glad this, “old toy” is giving you so many “keepers.”

  5. jumpofffindwings

    When we were mid-move, I was shifting things around in the garage when I heard that ominous sound, a crash followed by breaking glass. Bye-bye slow cooker. Oh…Maybe someday I’ll replace it. The smell of soup filling the house does sound good. Bon appetit!

  6. M-m-m … can almost smell the yummy meals.

  7. Terje

    Yummy. I have a colleague who shared slow cooked beef. The meat simply melted in the mouth. Slow cookers are not common in Estonia. I don’t know anyone else besides that colleague (American) who has a slow cooker.

  8. I love using the slow cooker! I make dinner at 7:00 am, and it’s ready when we get home from school. Sometimes I add veggies then, and sometimes I need to make a salad. I use it a few times every week. Maybe I should start looking for more recipes though. Mine are never as exciting as the 2 you’ve described.

  9. J Koval

    I have a slow cooker packed away somewhere in my house….your post makes me want to find it and start using it! 🙂 JudyK

  10. Nice – I had a very old one that I got rid of but my son left his behind when he moved to NY. I am super happy to have it. Like you I like getting things started earlier in the day. Enjoy that slow cooker!

  11. I love my slow cooker, but I do use it only occasionally because I don’t have a good repertoire of slow cooker recipes we all like. I’m glad you found something that works for you because it really is so convenient. I LOVE being gone all day and coming home to find dinner ready!

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