When I was teaching we had a 30 minute duty free lunch.  In that 30 minutes I had to walk my students down to the cafeteria, stop in the office to pick up my mail, talk to the office staff of course,  walk back to the faculty room, get my lunch, sit down, and eat.  By the time I sat down to eat my 30 minute lunch was down to 20 minutes.

Now that I am retired I no longer have that rush to finish and get back to my classroom before the students are dismissed from the cafeteria.  However, I still, even after six years, find myself sometimes inhaling my food.

So, it is a nice treat when twice a month Kathy and I go out to lunch with two different groups.  One group consists of retired teachers I taught with and the other group is retired teachers I went to college with.

On Thursday we met with the people I worked with.  The number of people showing up fluctuates from month to month depending on what is happening in everyone’s lives.  There can be anywhere from 4 to 12 people.  On Thursday there were 6 of us.

Because of the small number we sat at a round table instead of one of the long ones.  This made conversation really nice because we could talk to everyone not just those sitting next to us or across from us as we do at a long table.

What is even nicer about our monthly get togethers is that we pick a restaurant that doesn’t rush us.  Because we go to the same restaurant every month the staff knows that we like to sit and talk over lunch.  They are fine with this.  As a result, instead of a 30 minute lunch our lunch takes 2 hours.

It is just so nice to sit, relax, be waited on, and catch up with old friends.  This is truly on of the perks of retirement.


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34 responses to “Lunch

  1. I totally agree with you! What a treat to look forward to every month!

    • It really is something we look forward to each month. Don’t know, however, how it fell to me to send out reminders about the lunch to everyone.

  2. What a lovely idea! It’s so true that teachers learn to inhale their food often while planning for the next class at the same time!

  3. Those types of lunches are the absolute best. So happy for you to have those groups.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Great way to catch up. This is one of the few disadvantages of having relocated across the country from former colleagues. On a positive note, my team teacher called yesterday post-work to chat. An hour later, I felt “full.” Keep that tradition alive!

  5. We only had to work a half day yesterday so three of the four members of my team went out for lunch. Like you, instead of inhaling during our so-called “30 minute duty free lunch” we took our time. It was delightful. I often think of these opportunities as foretastes of retirement!

  6. What a wonderful treat every month! I can imagine the habit of inhaling lunch will be hard to break. On days when I don’t have meetings, I have an hour and a half between classes and can take my time–and even occasionally leave the office for lunch. But many days I have meetings and my leisurely lunch turns into a protein bar scarfed on the way to class!

  7. There is nothing like a luxurious lunch with friends

  8. lgrainger125

    I’ve learned to slow down during the school day and take that lunch time. It means I come in a bit earlier each day, but that break for tea during my prep and eating lunch with meaningful conversations is that important.

  9. Soooo jealousssss 😉 In a good way!

  10. What a lovely way to have lunch – shared with friends, with no time limit! Lovely post!

  11. Terje

    Teachers probably have to relearn to eat slowly. I am the fastest eater in my family. It’s so lovely that the restaurant knows and respects your group and doesn’t rush you.

  12. Alice Nine

    This is life: “… to sit, relax, be waited on, and catch up with old friends.” Nice tradition!

  13. Erika Haak

    So Bob, where do you guys go?

  14. I’ll raise a glass (or a cup) in honor of your next month’s lunch! It sounds so wonderful!

  15. Love that kind of lunch! Though I am not retired yet, I have a number of teaching friends who are, and we try to schedule those lunches on breaks.

  16. School was cancelled Friday because of so much sickness. While my son and I were having Chinese a few friends and I texted for a bit. It felt like they were right there with us- catching up and acting silly.

  17. I love the idea of a leisurely lingering lunch and I am not a bit surprised that you are the reminder notifier! Retired just means not a daily clock punching . . . intermittent work!

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