Why Am I Doing This…Again



This is a question I have been asking myself for the past several weeks ever since I signed on to participate in this month long writing challenge.  Why am I doing this?

I looked at my March calendar before I signed on.  There are several days where I will be out of the house before the sun is up and I won’t get home until sometime that evening.  When will I have the time to write, post, and comment?

There are days when I have commitments such as food pantry and running a meeting for retired school employees both on the same day.  Don’t know when I’ll get home.  When will I have time to write, post, and comment?

Some slicers have their month of writing all planned out.  They have a stockpile of ideas and started drafts.  I do not.  What will I find to write about for 31 days?

I should have thought twice before signing on to this challenge, but I did not.  The first day the participation form was up and running I signed on.  Why?  The answer is simple.  I would miss it if I didn’t.

So, I have no idea what this month will bring.  I have no idea what topics I will write about.  I am sure that there will be a few that are just space fillers so that I can say I posted every day.

What is important to me is that I will write and post something every day.  I look forward to reading posts from other committed slicers as well.

Here’s to a great month of writing, sharing, and responding.


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28 responses to “Why Am I Doing This…Again

  1. I would miss it if I didn’t participate too! I love the repeated questions here, as they are much on my mind too. Last night I was thinking I’m not sure I can do it this month. But then I clicked on Trina’s slice this morning and knew exactly what I wanted to write about. Thank goodness! Glad to be joining you and the other slicers again–and looking forward to your posts!

  2. I feel grossly underprepared this year, but I am forging ahead anyway. I will regret this in about two weeks and feel exhilarated in four.
    Happy SOL Challenge!

  3. I felt like you last year, Bob. It was a busy month for me and I would be traveling for almost two weeks. But I jumped in without a plan, determined to take each day as it came and find something to share. And it was one of the best years I had. You can do it!

  4. jumpofffindwings

    You made a terrific post out of worries about being able to post. I have all faith in you! (I missed the sign-up form but am committing anyway.) I feel like we can understand students better if we tackle writing challenges ourselves. I look forward to checking in on your journey.

  5. Glad you are here! I did the same – signed up and then went hmmm – can I do this? But I am glad we are all here! Looking forward to reading posts as much as writing my own. Enjoy the month!

  6. Diane Anderson

    The writing, reading, and commenting have a magnetic pull. We miss it ourselves when we don’t do it. We get to know each other as writers (and friends), so we say… we’d miss you, too, if you didn’t.

  7. Hey friend,
    I’m with you in a similar boat. Not knowing is always a little unsettling but I’m so glad we’re all here to cheer each other on. We got this.

  8. Terje

    Asking myself the same question. It seems like life rolls extra things into March to make sure the challenge is truly a challenge. Still couldn’t stay away. We will find the time and ideas and words. Happy Writing!

  9. Seems like I’m in good company this year! I, too, have no plans, ideas, etc. for what I’ll be writing about this month. I also posted really late (for me) today. In fact I forgot about the Challenge until something I came across reminded me yesterday. Luckily I had started a post last week in a burst of creativity and desperately went back to it today to polish it for publishing.
    You know what? I really like it. I hope you do, too. It’s entitled “Are You a Weaver or a Ripper? Please join me on Teaching for Life. It’s so good to be back…and I, too, am anxious about how I’ll manage this is the days ahead as I am in a “busy” time of my retirement!

    • Somehow it seems to me that the busier we are we make it a point to find the time to write, post and comment. I look forward to reading your daily thoughts. Glad you are participating.

  10. You always find a creative way to tell the story. I always look forward to the twist you put in.

  11. I’m glad you signed up! 🙂

  12. It’s the community for sure! I typically on Monday nights have a first draft written (that I often dump) before I go to bed. Last night, before the all important first day, not.one.word.written. I was a wreck this morning as I made coffee and tried to coax my brain alive. Time was at a premium.

    Great post! Love the repetition. You are such a great storyteller. Can’t wait to see where March takes you and Kathy!

    • I am trying the draft the night before idea to see if it will work for me especially on those upcoming days when I need to leave the house before 6 A.M. and get home around 9 P.M

  13. Your last line really sums it up, why we all sign up, even with trepidation:
    “Here’s to a great month of writing, sharing, and responding.”
    It’s all about community and sharing and being heard.
    Great start!

  14. Alice Nine

    And here’s to you and “a great month of writing, sharing, and responding.”

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