Planting a Seed


I remember back in elementary school (yes, I can remember that far back) one of the things we did during our science class was to plant a seed.  We were all given a paper cup, some potting soil, and a seed.  I don’t remember what kind of seed.

Anyway, during class we wrote our name on the cup, filled it with stones and soil, planted the seed, and watered it.  The cups were then placed on a windowsill in the classroom.  You must remember that this was during the 60’s and I went to a parochial school that was located on the two floors above the church.  We had lots of windowsills.

Anyway, we eagerly watched our cups for the first sign that the seed sprouted and would bloom.  Excitement filled the room when the first tiny shoot poked its head above the soil.

Once the blooming started we would all rush over to the windowsill first thing on entering the classroom.  When the flower was in full bloom we were allowed to take it home as a gift to our mothers.

It was exciting planting, caring for, and watching our seeds sprout and grow.  Fast forward 50 years.  Now another seed has been planted.  It has taken root.  I am not thrilled about it.  I know it is growing.  I can feel it.  The stuffed nose, the sore throat, the tiredness, the aching body.

Yes, a cold has been planted and it is flourishing.  Bring on the tissues, ibuprofen, and chicken noodle soup!


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29 responses to “Planting a Seed

  1. Take care, my cold was planted about a month ago and grew from a viral infection to a bacterial one. I like the way your story evolved. I wasn’t expecting the ending.

  2. What a great surprise ending! Your memories of planting seeds at school mirrored my experiences in the early 80s:) I remember one occasion when we planted sunflower seeds and my dad transplanted my plants in our garden. I can still remember how tall those three sunflowers grew!

    I hope that you are feeling better soon!

  3. Loved the look back – I can relate to that, and then in my own classrooms having kids plant seeds.
    Do take care – colds are nasty things! Lots of fluids and chicken soup.

  4. Leigh Anne Eck

    I think many children remember planting seeds. When my daughter was in first grade, they panted watermelons. Yes, we planted it in the yard. We grew a watermelon, but it didn’t get big enough to eat it! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Ha! That wasn’t at all where I thought your slice was going. Loved the surprise at the end when you revealed your true topic, but I am very sorry you are getting a cold. And I’d forgotten all about planting seeds in those paper cups, but I did that too!

  6. Love the direction this took! Great job growing a story!

  7. Terje

    Unexpected ending after such an exciting memory. Cold is a weed seed. Good luck in eliminating it. I suggest grated ginger, spoonful of honey, squeezed lemon juice and hot water.

  8. I was thinking bean seeds sprouting in baggies with damp paper towels . . . no dirt required. So i loved your surprise ending! Get well!

  9. Nice transition…even though having a cold is not nice! My students always love planting seeds. We will do ours in about a month so they don’t get too big before we are able to put them outside.

    • I think students really find this an exciting learning experience because there are so many lessons that can be derived from simply planting a seed and watching it grow.

  10. I am excited to be reading your blog again! There is always a surprise! This one, I didn’t expect!

  11. Erika Haak

    Get well soon! I do exactly that project with my students every year and we send them home for the moms 🙂

  12. What a twist! Feel better soon… hope you will find better seeds. When my daughter was a second grader, they brought tiny poinsettia plants home from a field trip. Thanks to my mom’s green thumb and bay window, it survived til my daughter’s middle school days.

  13. Alice Nine

    LOL! What a totally unexpected twist at the end. I didn’t see it coming, especially since you had carried me back to elementary days.

  14. I am right there with you – the cups, the seeds, the stuffy nose. I also have a cough and, consequently, sore ribs. I hope we both feel better soon.

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