Looking Ahead


Woke up yesterday to an icy glaze covering the car and driveway.  By 10:00 it was melted.  Sunny day today. Seven inches of snow forecast for tomorrow.  Enough already!

This is the time of year when I am sick of winter and look forward to summer.  To make the anticipation of warmer weather grow this is also the time when I look to secure tickets for our annual day in New York.

This day involves catching a morning train to NYC.  Usually we leave from Middletown but this year we will be leaving from Lancaster.  The reason for the change is that boarding the train at the Lancaster Station will be easier for Kathy.  All train doors will open and the train will be even with the platform.  In Middletown we need to cross tracks and step up into the train.  This can be a bit tricky with Kathy’s leg problems.

We get to NYC around 11:00 which gives us time for a light lunch before checking into the Marriott Marquis and then heading to a matinee show.  There really was no question in my mind as to what show I wanted to see.  The problem was getting tickets. I had to wait until the block of tickets for the date we are going opened up.  I admit I checked ticketmaster every day for several months until I saw tickets were released for our date.  I snatched up two aisle seats and am extremely happy with what I got.  Oh, what show will we be seeing?


I am a big Cher fan.

After the show we will head off to dinner somewhere.  Not sure where just yet.  When I decide I will make reservations.

After dinner it will be off to an evening performance.  I got advance notice for when tickets for this show would go on sale.  I was able to get aisle seats with little difficulty.

Here is the second show we will be seeing.


I enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to see what they do with it on stage.  A friend of mine saw it in previews and said it is really good.

As if these shows weren’t enough to have something to look forward to there is one more show we will be seeing.  This is actually a concert happening at the Giant center in Hershey in June.  Tickets for this concert were actually an Valentine’s present for Kathy.  She is just in love with this guy.


This will be the third time we will have seen Josh Groban in concert.  All times were at the Giant Center.

So, even though winter isn’t over having these shows and concert to look forward to will help me get through whatever Mother Nature throws at us for the rest of this winter season.


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18 responses to “Looking Ahead

  1. If that weekend away doesn’t shake off the Winter blahs, nothing will. I hope next week’s post will be about how it all went – and where and what you ate!

    • Unfortunately the trip will not be until August. I just have to get the ticket early or else they are gone for the date I want them. I will definitely report on both shows and our trip after it is over.

  2. How wonderful! Something to look forward to is just the ticket (ha!) to getting over the winter woes!! Thanks for the inspiration. I think I’ll do something similar and work on some spring break plans today. I’ll presume only the loveliest days and we’ll spend time together in the sun! We’ve had snow here since November, and after that initial bit, I was done. I can’t wait to hear how your time in the city turns out!

  3. Leigh Anne Eck

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful trip that will be! And yes, I am ready for winter to be over, even if ours hasn’t been that bad!

  4. Alice Nine

    Anticipation is such a huge part of enjoyment for me. And when it is also about a tradition, another layer is added to the enjoyment, connecting the future and past while I anticipate.

  5. Diane Anderson

    Hearing your plans stirs just a little envy… but i wish you and Kathy a wonderful birthday trip come August. I can see how anticipating that will take your mind off winter, too.

  6. Terje

    Different signs of spring. Some people look for the light. When you start planning for your trip, you can be sure spring isn’t far away. How wonderful that yuo were able to get the tickets you wished for.

  7. What fun you will have! I envy your great access to such shows.

  8. Yes, winter is wearing me down too. Love your plans which makes me want to start planning a getaway soon.

  9. I am not a big planner; I prefer spontaneity. But as I age I can see the advantages of knowing what lies ahead and keeping up with a tradition. I also do not have to put up with the kinds of winters you seem to have of constant snowfalls. We have sporadic weather of all kinds and this winter even more so. Today it is 55…yesterday in the low 30s. A sprinkling of snow yesterday, rain last night and sun today, so my daughter and I are getting ready for a nature walk. I hope all your birthday plans and dreams come true. Meanwhile, how about taking up a new hobby to while away those winter blues?

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